Crossdressing w****

I am a 41 yo guy that wants to treated like a little s***, i dream of taking big hard c**** in my mouth and tight c***, i get dressed up in my school uniform and sit on my d****, i bounce up and down on it, it feels so good in my tight little hole it makes my c*** contract and i shoot my c** without touching my c***, i wish someone would shoot wads of c** into my sissy hole

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  • How do you feel about this right after you j*** off to your fantasy?

    And thinking of your current friends, work associates, family, etc., have you seriously considered the real life repercussions you would face if you act out your fantasy and wind up getting videoed and exposed online?
    That kind of thing DOES happen.
    And it can have devastating effects upon your career and relationships. Seriously.

    The reality of the fantasy is usually VERY different to the one that you play out in your head.

    The safest way to play this, if you want to try things out, is to see a professional dominatrix, pay her a lot of money, and she can hire others to play out your fantasy in a safe environment where you can be reasonably sure of discretion.

    Think about the real life repercussions of exposure as a bottom b**** sissy before you risk being exposed and labeled for life as one.
    You can be a former alcoholic.

    But suck one d*** and you're known as a d*** sucker for life. Getting rid of those photos once they are out there online, on the hard drives of all those people who see and download them, is next to impossible.

  • If you turned up at my house for "after school tuition" in your cute little outfit, I'd let you in, take you to the dining room and pretend to care about the work. Then I'd ask you to stand, then throw you onto the table. Rip your blouse open, to reveal you're wearing a little pink bra and lift up your skirt to see your pink panties. I'd laugh and smile, nice little bulge you have. I'd strip off to reveal my huge d***, I'll put it near your mouth do you yearn for it then you'll suck it good b****. Then I'll. limb on top of your face so you can suck my b**** and lick my a****** then I'll spit on my d*** (that's all the lube you'll get) and without any regard for you, I'll ram my d*** into your tiny a******. It'll take a while to just get my fat head in, then I'll keep pushing it harder as you lie there legs in the air. Your d*** all hard and dribbling. Then I'll pound you hard like the little school girl s*** you are. F****** you until you start to moan and c** everywhere uncontrollably. This will turn me on so I'll c** hard in your ass, you ring feeling every throb if my d*** as I finish off. I'll whip out my d***, then rub it in your c** and make you suck my d*** clean. In one mouthful you'll have the taste of my d***, my c**, your c** and your a******. Come back tomorrow for more tuition.

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