Dog eatin

I let my dog lick my p***y Bc no one else has

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  • Do you suck him off?

  • If u let Ur dog lick u or inside u add me on Snapchat andyc2104

  • How old are you and how much do you weigh...may explain why

  • If you haven't got a regular partner and your dog licks you and satisfies you carry on and enjoy it

  • Poor dog probably doesn't understand, what it's doing! But this disgusting person does!

  • There is nothing wrong with what she did. She wasn't hurting the dog and the dog must have liked it. Keep it up and do more. Very sexy

  • That's your opinion. But it doesn't mean it accurate!

  • Also if you wanted too look on the internet he probably if you let him
    Would f*** you hard until you screamed coming however that's your decision

  • Sick!

  • I love animals more than I love human beings. So I find your confession subject appalling!

    It's animal cruelty!

  • So narrow minded

  • Lol I'm narrow minded because I love animals, more than I love people! This confessions reiterates why, you fool!

    At least animals react upon instinct and probably don't know any other way to react. Can you say the same for human beings? Probably not! And the OP is a good example of that!

    So yes, If you believe I'm narrow minded because I think its abusive to take advantage of a being, who can verbally give consent to such acts, so be it. It's not any different to some individuals taking advantage of vulnerable children/adults and people with special needs.

    Oh yes, I'm narrow minded for sure!

  • You would hate me i have all kinds of dead animals hanging on my wall use them as floor mats i wear them for clothes and i am eating one right now for lunch.

  • You're correct. Humanity never cease to surprise me!

  • Can't give consent, not can :)

  • Should include your pic

  • Should not!

  • That's pretty hot

  • It's pretty, not!

  • Spread your legs girl, I want to lick your c***

  • Lick your own sack and crack, you freak of nature!

  • I'd love to lick your c***

  • Lick your own!

  • What the f****** is wrong with you guys

  • My question exactly!

  • Let's have a threesome baby or a foursome with my illegally obtained bonobo chimpanzee. Dawkins Save The Queen.

  • Get a guy to lick your p****, and your a******, keep the dog out of the room.

  • The person licking her glory hole doesn't have to be male, it could be a woman.

    As long as it's not the dog again, because that is vile and disgusting!

  • Hie how about we chat someday. why dont you message me on

  • Creeper alert!

  • Creep

  • I second that!

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