Dreaming of s** with mother in law

The other day i had an intense dream about having s** with my mother in law. In the dream it was amazing. She's 58 and i'm 38. She widowed for 2 years now.
When me and my wife go on vacation we take her with us and when she's wearing her bathing suit she always sits with her legs open. I can't stop watching between her legs, she even caught me looking but didn't say anything or didn't stop doing it. One time when we were at the dinnertable she mentioned that people have s** with son in law and daughter....!! She didn't seem repelled by the tought....
I'm getting sexual feelings for her and when i m********* (when my wife is not around) i always think about her.
I don't really know what i should do....?

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  • Chat with me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com

  • Why? Are you wanting this guy to f*** you too?

  • I've cummed on my mother in-laws (Dottie) toothbrush, in the crotch of her panties and in the cups of her bras, I have a pair of her panties with the crotch so full of c u m, I stroke it every day for her.

    Want you bad Dottie, Steve

  • Cummed? How old are you...8 ????

  • I dream about f****** mine but i swear i hate the whole family

  • Can i post a picture of her fine ass here?

  • I took some pictures of her very nice ass without her knowing...man...do i m********* 😉

  • Start by offering her a massage when your wife is gone. After a few times, then offer a better massage with oil, that way she has to take her shirt off. If she goes for it, then you know she wants to f***. If not, then no harm, no foul.

  • You're married. Think about your vows!

  • F*** them vows. You think any woman gives a crap about vows? They're all s**** and they should all be treated like s****. I'd f*** the wife and then turn around and f*** the mother in the same night. And if she had a sister, I'd f*** her too.

  • I've seen my mother in law's p****. We were all on vacation at the beach. I was at a table getting out of the sun a bit and she sat down at the same table opposite of me. She was wearing her bathing suit which the bottom half was a skirt. She didn't have on the bottom that went underneath it. I couldnt stop looking at her shaved p****.

  • I did tell my wife about the dream and she jokes about it now. I told her not to tell her mother about it...

  • You need to let her catch you j********** and just play it off that you are so embarrassed. Just stand there and see if she keeps looking at your d***. Then you'll know if she really wants to f***.

  • I would like to be jerking off but i dont know if i dare do that...

  • It needs to look like it's not deliberate, or go other way and tell your wife about the way she sits legs spread - makes guys look 😉

  • She always did spread her legs towards me :)
    no one else could see it but me.
    I'm affraid of the reaction of my wife when i tell her....

  • 3 some time!

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