My boyfriend eats chunks from his d***

I find it very sexy and I force him to do it sometimes. I tried biting his d*** off once cuz it was very tasty. He almost let me but we ended up not doing it. He let me take a little nibble off of his b**** and I think I'm addicted. I try doing it every time but his c*** is almost gone. The cravings are like a vampires cravings for blood.

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  • Okaaaaay

  • Best. Confession. Ever!

  • You've got to be joking these people done gone bat s*** crazy.

  • And you eat chunks from your ass! So, what's your point!??

  • Best thing since Texas oysters ...

  • My wife had me castrated.

  • Did she really have you castrated?

  • O my f****** God you sick f****

  • This isn't sexy. It isn't edgy. It isn't even gross. It's just stupid. Really stupid.

  • Castrating b****!

  • Donkey sausage tastes best

  • It's a delicacy in China, you should really try it.

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