It sucks

You know what sucks? When you're just mediocre in life. Not that pretty or smart either. Not very good at anything particular.

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  • This confession needs to be tattooed on the forehead of every breeder who's so convinced their very special DNA will give rise to the curer of cancer or whatever. The vast, VAST majority of humans grow up to do... uh, not much. Besides, with so many breeders out there who have had this delusion for the last few generations, it kinda makes you wonder why cancer isn't cured, the planets aren't aligned, we don't all own jet packs, world hunger hasn't been solved... do I need to fvcking go on??

  • What's wrong with being mediocre in life? As long as you try your best, at anything you set your mind to, that's all that matters.

    If you're still mediocre, after trying your best, its all about accepting yourself for who you're and living a happy life.

    Stop with the self pity and self recriminations, just live a life worth living and pave a way for yourself and yourself only. What other people think about you is irrelevant, what's matters is what you think about yourself.

  • It takes effort to be good at anything damn

  • Same here. I was the fat, ugly girl in school--only got attention from the guys when I spread my legs. Got mostly C's and D's in high school and flunked out of community college. Now I work graveyard for the postal service. I still hope to marry a rich guy to save me from mediocrity, but it likely isn't going to happen.

  • Improve anything you can improve on, such as your weight, job prospects and education.

    You could always return to education and try to improve your grades. Even if it's online classes, if you're unable to commit and afford to attend actual classes in

    You have options, don't settle for less, without even trying to better yourself.

    My grades weren't that great at school, but to be honest I didn't try my best.

    It was when I attended College and University, I excelled because I tried my best.

    I've become slightly overweight foe my height, but I'm doing something about it. I've cleaned up my diet and started exercising regularly. I'm not doing for other people, but myself.

  • You wana leech off a rich guy eh? just remember not to b**** about sexism...

  • What's sexism got to do with anything? Are you sexist

  • No dumbass her talking about finding a rich guy is an example of why sexism exists. get your own job make your own money.

  • You're simply a stupid fool, if you believe this garbage!!

  • Spread your thick thighs for me and I'll save you from your life of mediocrity.

  • Chauvinistic, disgusting brute!

  • I join you in my life of mediocrity and under achievement.

    I wet my bed until I graduated highschool sometimes out of lazyness. I flunked out of colledge and only got a job because my parents organised it. I took three attempts to get a drivers license and my parents bought me a car. Now I do pretty unimportant manual work

  • You're aren't mediocre any less, than you're disgusting!

  • TMF man!

  • Learn how to suck c*** and stop being a LOSER

  • Being able to suck a d*** isn't an achievement and ambition! Why don't you try blowing your own d*** or even better, learn to blow your own!

  • You probably suck c*** and hate it. But it's the only talent and experience you have doing! So you want other people, to join in your misery lol!

  • This isn't my confession but obviously you're the loser, commenting like that.

  • Lol Not a loser, but a realist!

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