Life is s***

All my life i wanted to make something out of myself. i wanted to become known to people as a noble person for the deeds that i have done, but that never happened. i never got to be appreciated by anyone, quite the opposite actually. was tormented and beaten up by gangs in middle school for being in special classes, failing my classes because i'm not handing in any work, kids always laughing behind my back for every little thing that i did, the random bullies, everything just took a steep hill from there. after failing all of my classes in college, and more s*** that i dealt with would eventually lead to my suicide attempt, and ironically enough that didn't work. turns out that inhaling monoxide outdoors near the graves wasn't a smart thing to do. before my suicide attempt, i need dreams of joining the marines and being something that someone would take seriously, and that's all gone now. before any of that, i wanted to become a great artist and show everyone how good i was, that's also gone now. so you know what i want to be right now? i just want to be dead, because it's painfully obvious that life f****** hates my guts to the bone that i somehow fail at everything i touch. i am just honestly waiting for that .44 magnum to come so i can just get it over with and be done with it. life is absolute s***, and f*** anyone who says otherwise.

Dec 21, 2016

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  • Life is what you make it or what you let other people, make it for you. If you have a choice reinforce it, if you have a choice and you're unable to reinforce it because of numerous factors, I'll pray for you

  • Wow, you're a real piece of... work. Trolls rightfully get called out for telling people to "just do it", but condescending crap like this is even worse. "Life is what you make it"? "I'll pray for you"? Male or female, you're a cvnt who probably touched themselves after posting this bile, giggling the whole time. Do the rest of the world a favor and go step in front of a train. Take your buy-bull with you so that when they find all the chunks of your exploded corpse, it will be a reminder that your "good book" isn't much protection against the real world.

  • I don't even know you & all I want to do is hop into my computer screen & stop you from wanting to kill yourself. I beg of you to please not do that.. I went through similar emotions when I was younger & I'm so glad I never went through with it because everyone was right, things do get better. I wish I could just stop you & show you that life worth living.

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