The day my friend beat the s*** out of a lesbian

I used to be the equipment manager for a local band and one day when they were playing in a honky Tonk bar on the shadier side of town a gay woman walked into the bar. There was nothing unusual about this as several gay men and women used to have a drink there and no one cared. I personally have nothing against gay men and women.

One day while the band was playing the drummer's wife, was accosted by a large gay woman. She tried to hold the drummers wife's hand and was trying to pet her. The wife was trying to pull away and kept telling the woman she wasn't interested. This didn't work.

The music stopped like I knew it was going to and the drummer ordered the gay very drunk woman to get her hands off of his wife and keep them the f*** off.

The gay woman challenged the drummer to a fight and they went outside where the drummer proceeded to be the ever loving s*** out of her. He would have put her in the morgue had his wife not stepped in and told him to stop.

The gay woman had trouble getting up for two reasons. One she was drunk out of her mind and two because the ass whipping she had received made it even more difficult for her to get up.

The gay woman looked at the drummer and said. "You're pretty tough when it comes to hitting a woman aren't you?" The drummer replied "Oh, you're a lady out here but you were a man in there?"

The gay woman wanted to come back in the bar but the manager told her to never come back again.

After this episode I decided to get other employment.

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  • Sum one translat to spanish for me?? thx

  • Someone, not "sum one"
    Translate, not "translat"

  • That tale even if true is already in Spanish as far as I'm concerned.

  • Your drummer friend served her a big plate of equality! I can't stand women like this , they are quick to get in a man's face screaming and lots of times taking a swing at him. The moment they get knocked on their ass the " you hit a girl" bs starts. If you want to act like a man expect to be treated like one or keep your hands to yourself.

  • I agree.

    I'm a woman and I would never get in anyone's face and attempt to physically assault them, regardless if gender.

    There's only one exception and that's when acting out in self-defence.

    Women that physically step upto a man and hit him for no reason, is asking for trouble. For a start, a man is physically stronger and would knock the bejesus out of them. Secondly, why do some women assume a man won't hit them back, just because they're women! I'm all for equality.

    I was taught - if someone hits you, you hit them back regardless of gender. Simple as!

    If that lesbian is going to act like a man, stepping upto a man, they she should get hit like a man too.

  • Beating a drunk. What class.

    You were right to get other employment.

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