I like to show my butt crack

I have always been obsessed with intentionally showing my butt crack. I used to moon people every chance I got when I was a teenager and developed a spanking fetish in my 20s.
Sometimes, when I'm working on something and notice that my butt crack is showing for anyone to see, I get excited. Most of my close friends have seen my bare butt at some point, for this reason or that....but mostly because I enjoy showing it off.
I know I'm not alone here because I am a connoisseur of fine exposed butt crack, and there are exhibitions everywhere.

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  • I have a problem like this. I'm an 18 year old guy and I just learned that my butt crack tends to show when I wear jeans. I was never aware of this but my friends sent pics to me of my butt crack out at school. Apparently it shows a lot and I never know

  • Lol

  • Wow is your sexuality ever similar to mine. I also love showing my bare bottom in public by wearing really short cutoff jean shorts with a quarter of my backside exposed at the bottom of the shorts. I love girls and ladies who see my bare bum and I love the various looks on their faces. I also have mooned many people over the years from bushes or my car window and I am also turned on by spanking especially being put over a females knee and spanked on my bare behind with a wooden backed hair brush. I also spank myself with my bare hand or a wooden paddle and have done it in public in the car either while lying face down in the back seat with windows open so people can hear the bare bottom spanking or actually do it to myself through the open window of the car.

  • Would you send me pictures as well? I have a butt obsession in a way too. I can give you my email too if you will. Hope to hear from you.

  • Could you send me your butt crack pics? If you say 'yes' than i can give you my email id.

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