I caught my best friend jerking off to my panties

I'm 17 and my bestfriend is the same age. About a week ago, he came over to my house and I went down the street to get food while he stayed at my house. I came back about 30 minutes later and saw him jerkig off to my panties. He was laying on my bed, when I walked in I asked him what the h*** he was doing and he told he he wanted to f*** me. I had always liked him so I said yes. One thing thing lead to another and it ended with us in the bathroom, with his d*** in mouth as he pulled my hair. It's obvious he wants to do it again and I do too. I see him everyday at school staring at me. Yesterday, I went to his house bcuz his sister is also my friend. Me and his sister were sitting in the living room talking and he was sitting in a chair across from me. I had my leg up on the couch and I was wearing a dress with no underwear (just to tease him) and I could see him staring at my p****. When his sister went to the bathroom, he was still staring and to tease him again, I stuck my fingers in my wet p**** (he turned me on so much) and let out a tiny moan. When I was leaving, I ran to him and whispered "I want you too" I was just trying to tease him but maybe I was being a little to mean. Tomorrow I'm going to his house again. I'm gonna f*** him #ChristmasEveSex I can't wait anymore. I want him so f****** bad. I just want his d*** inside my p****. I want his fingers on my c***. It was the best s** I've ever had.

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  • You say you haven't f***** him yet but in your last sentence you say "it was the best s** you ever had" bit confusing to me and at 17 it's very hard to compare the best s** as you have years to practice it all,☺enjoy tho and let us know how it goes daveswaine55@icloud.com from the uk

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