I have f***** them or been f***** by them:

Father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, soldier, sailor, physician, laborer, actor, scientist, mechanic, priest.

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  • I've been f****** one of my doctors for over 2yrs. I can't say we're in love, but I can say he has the biggest and most beautiful c*** I have ever seen. And he c*** like a f****** fire hose. If my husband had these gifts, I would never EVER cheat!

  • It is called incest or family fun. The family that plays together stays together! My family has been incestuous for 5 generations that we know of. That is why we are careful to marry outside the family because nobody is sure how close each of us is related or where. It is a lot of fun though, and very exciting the first time you have s** with your mom, or dad.

  • My cousin by marriage was the best she was ?? and me 17 she looked 24. We went to get some snacks after dinner it took 2 hrs, I was her first annually and first to c** in her and the first for her toswallow my load. The next time we f***** I f*** her really hard she had that pain look in her face and crying I was deep in that p**** and ass

  • I was 11 when my mom saw my c*** then Iwas twelve when she passed out and she was on my bed. I lifted her robe and saw her pink panties. I rolled them down iwas so nervous, Irubbed her p**** and stuck a finger in it. it was so warm. then her boyfriend came in and saw me. He said he would show me how to have s**. He got my c*** hard then had me inbetween my mom's legs then helped guide in. I came as soon as I did three strokes then he ate her out and show me that women like it.He then rolled my mom on her stomach and propted he butt up and then f***** her for the first time in her ass, on the forth stroke she was moaning and I put my c*** in her mouth and blew my second load in it, she swallowed it, we never talk about it except when I see her boyfriend.

  • At 11 it wouldn't have been your mums ass ifucked it would have been yours

  • Sure you did.

  • "This is rape, you stupid tool!"
    You both raped your mother!

    If this confession is true and not a figment, of a disturbed individual's imagination, you're beyond Psychiatric help and should be reported, to the Police!

  • Disturbing!

  • You've been rather busy. Has all the action made you bitter? Or better?

  • It's made me butter.

  • Lol butter

  • I can't believe it's not butter.

  • Lol

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