I want to lynch a n*****

But not in a racist way, me and my boyfriend are both "freaks" we live person, death, raceplay and all manners of extreme kinks, I'm the dom and he's a pathetic little cotton picker, and he has once begged me to kill him, but I can't, I want to help him with it as its both of our greatest desires, but its illegal, do we can't :'(



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  • I'm available MF bring that s*** to me and a lot of body bags

  • Stupid

  • Well i think that you should lynch someone, yourself

  • B**** wtf kys

  • Then jump off a bridge

  • But I'm not the one who wants to die, my bf is.

  • Load your gun put it to your head and pull trigger

  • Guns are illegal here.

  • So? If you're such a little edgelord, you'll find a way to get hold of one, lulz'ing all the way. Unless you're not as bada$$ as you claim to be, which is probably more the case?

  • Lmao..that chit be funny..done gone and changed a n***** life..

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