J*** off as wife sleeps

I jerked off when my wife was asleep then i came on her face

Dec 29, 2016

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  • I do it to my wife when she drinks too much but I only come on her ass or b****, I do wipe come on her face when i'm done though, I also pull her nipples really hard while she is passed out then she wakes up in the morning and cant wear a bra because her nipples hurt and its obvious she is embarrassed by not being able to wear one because her t*** are saggy from breast feeding, She thinks drinking makes her nipples hurt lol.
    If she is really drunk when we go to bed after a late night of partying and if we have friends staying over which they often do I will take her clothes off while she sleeps and leave her naked with no covers on, She sleeps on her back and always has her right foot against her left knee with her right knee flopped open, Its weird she always sleeps like that so I leave her like that and the bedroom door open which they have to walk past to go to the kitchen, we have two kids and she still has a pretty nice body but is embarrassed of her b****.
    So far she has always been the last one to wake up so someone always either closes the door or tells me and I close it before she wakes up so she has no idea that almost everyone we know has seen her naked, B****, Bum, P**** everything.

  • I do the same to my husband, when he's asleep!

  • Now i would love that to happen to me and wake up just as you teach the point of no return and start bucking and shuddering as your climax surges through your loins and your creamy lady c** Coates your busy fingers and drips onto my face,I would then drag you down fully onto my face and eat that very sensitive cliterous until you c** again for me,biting sucking and gently chewing on it as you lose control mmmmm

  • I'm a man!

  • My husband does that when he thinks I'm asleep lol

  • I sometimes do similar but shoot it over her exposed bum/p****,it started off when i was on the late shifts and she was in bed when i got home, one day her little bum and p**** were on view as the quilt was ruffled up on one sides i looked i got an immediate erection and couldn't help but w*** it, then directed it as i neared the point of no return, and shot hugely over the target area, she woke as i was just teasing the last bits out and dripping it onto her bum cheeks, once she realised what i had done she gave me a fab bj and coaxed a second cumin out of mew have done it good few times since sometimes over her tiny t*** too

  • Do you enjoy feeling his c** splash over your face?

  • I’m not opposed to my husband e********** over my face or any part of my body if it keeps him happy, but I would prefer him to c** in me. I must admit though I quite enjoy watching Japanese bukakke videos with men dominating women lol.

  • Would love to j*** off then c** in your ass

  • Sick f****!

  • Don't we all

  • No!

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