The day I turned down an offer for s**

My best friends sister is an independent woman who after a divorce wanted a child and to raise the child on her own.

One day this attractive woman offered to have my child. The offer was tempting but here's why I turned it down.

She is a diabetic and I have chronic asthma. I had no desire to bring a child into the world with those problems. Asthma has kept me down all my life and diabetes has plagued this lady her whole life.

Why bring a kid into the world with two double whammies against them at birth?

She eventually had a baby girl by some healthy young stud but guess what?

The little girl is diabetic.

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  • Well, even if you considered having a baby with this woman, you wouldn't have needed to have s** with her. She wanted your s****, not your d***! Turkey baster would've been sufficient!

    However, it seems like you made the right decision.

    But what was the point of mentioning, the kid has diabetes, even though the stud that impregnated her was healthy? Why state this? Are you secretly jealous and bitter about this or simply conveying that even though the stud was healthy, their child still has an illness?

  • Well done sir

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