P**** stepson

I am so sick of this little f***** and his mommy always protecting his ass, the "kid" is in his early 20s but she is constantly pandering and babying him like he's f****** 12.

His transformation into a weak pathetic f****** little f***** began years ago, and despite my warnings of all the mothering and over-protection (which got thrown back in my face), he is now a pathetic loser who cannot function in the real world. Oh poor me I am a victim, mommy help me!

I am sick of all the f****** medical expenses, THOUSANDS of dollars down the drain, and the sick f***** up mommy dependency s*** that goes with it.

GET THE F*** OUT OF MY F****** HOUSE YOU F****** LOSER. If not for divorce laws I would have gotten out of this f****** nightmare YEARS AGO.

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  • That's what you get, s*******. I have zero sympathy for you. You "married" someone else when they already had kids, had a family, had a marriage. Your marriage is a sham, and if you were even slightly intelligent, you would have kept your distance and kept searching for better prospects.

    He's her son, and she's his mother. Perhaps you, yes you, you disgusting sack of s***, perhaps YOU should get the f*** out of their lives, because you never belonged there in the first place.

  • Dump them. Dump them both. Do it now. Do it today.

  • What's with the medical expenses? Does he have a condition? If he's 20, he should be going to school or working, unless he's not able to. But you have your choices.. you can divorce her. You make excuses too.. it's money that will buy your freedom.

  • From someone who has been there just get out. Whatever happens will be better than what your life will be with her and him

  • Yowza. Sounds like your rage will make your life much much worse inevitably

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