Intactivists Need To Get A F****** Life!

Seriously! All of this anti-circumcision Intactivism bullshit has gone WAY TOO F****** FAR!!!! People need to mind their OWN damn business and leave the decisions to the parents raising the kid as it should be! The whiny little b****** who buy into Intactivism non-sense and talk about "restoring" a foreskin are pititful as H*** and need to man the f*** up already! So what, you were circumcised as a newborn! Who gives a s***?! Get over it, go away, and quit polluting the internet with your Liberal foolishness!!

Jan 1, 2017

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  • Would you also say that the politicians should get a life and finally legalize female circumcision and let parents decide if they want their daughter cut or uncut?

  • A lot of people who oppose circumcision have an ulterior motive that has nothing to do with the well-being of children.

  • Exactly like pro-lifers. So what is your point?

  • I remember when my older brother was around 17 years old and attempted to confront our mother for having him circumcized at birth, just almost every other baby boy born in 1989 to an American mother. Our father punched him so hard upside the head he saw stars, choked him against a wall with his forearm on his throat and told him that he had better NEVER speak to his mother like that again or the police would be needed to get daddy off his azz from beating him senseless or worse!!! 'That is your mother and you WILL respect her or your limp d*** will be the LEAST of your f****** worries real soon, you ungrateful little half-breed b******!' And that was the end of that, because my brother for his own wellbeing, accepted that since our mother had carried him in her body for 9 months she had every right to do what she saw fit without his approval being relevant in the least.

  • I hope your dad dies.
    I'm grateful I'm English and have a foreskin.
    How about America wakes up,and waits for the child,you know,THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY OWNS HIS PEN.IS, to get older and make the decision himself!!!!!!!
    Seriously its no different than FGM,and the whole world is kicking off about that!!

  • Circumcision is NOT exactly like FGM, you idiot.
    FGM removes the cl!toris (jeezis Confession Post, get over it...), which would be like removing the ENTIRE HEAD of the pen!s, not just the skin *around* it. Learn the g0dd@amn difference before spouting your unstable frenzy.

    This is one example where dudes are just as screechy and hysterical as women, and just like women it is for no rational reason-- it's all emotion-driven.

  • Female circumcision involves in most cases the removal or reduction of the clitoral hood which is equivalent to the male foreskin. Many women in the US undergo such a procedure voluntary for various reasons it's just called vulvaplasty. Both the male and female circumcisions reduce the risk of stds and prevent possible adhesion. By the way the prevalence rate of clitoral hood adhesion is almost 2 in 5.

  • In fact you should do your research. its like saying the breast of a women is the same as the breast of a man. At the beginning both b****** are the same, but they develop in totally different ways, and by that point both are completely different.
    The usual clitorishead is far smaller then the usual penishead, by the way.

  • Lol

  • Parents should be free to lop off their little boys bits and reassign them as girls.

  • Ah yes, this fascination with g3nitals and what we call them can only lead to healthier viewpoints about s3xuality. We might even evolve to the point that we can type out the word "s3xuality" without a site or even a real person getting the vapors over the sight of the word.

    Hah, just kidding!

    Humans are stuck in an infantile developmental phase where we can't stop obsessing over our junk or its backyard neighbor, the butt (specifically, what comes out of it). Proof: When the plague first descended in 2020, what was the first thing people lost their fragile little minds over? Not anything to do with the RESPIRATORY end of the human body, let's just say that. Freud would have had a field day with everyone utterly going crazy over toilet paper.

  • Nobody should be lopping off body parts at birth. No way, man. Especially not around that sensitive gear.

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