H**** married s***

I have always been very sexual and absolutely love c***. I have been married for 18 years but over that time have f***** several men most of whom have been my husbands friends or work colleagues. There have been about 6 different guys, all of whom I have had existing friendships with - no strangers For the last 1.5 years I have been f****** a guy "Dean" I work with who is also married. We have known each other for years and always got on well. Every time we are alone together we can't keep our hands off each other and I get incredibly wet just thinking of him. I love sucking his d*** during our lunch breaks. We went away for work together and it was awesome. We f***** for a whole week. I let him pump me full of c** and I loved it so much. We got rooms on the same floor. I wore nothing big but a long jacket and boots with a tiny gstring, knocked on his door and rode him while he spoke to his wife on the phone. It turned me on so much.I love being his little w**** and c** dump. He absolutely loves my round a*** and can't keep his hands off it. He just stares at my a*** and fingers my tight smooth p**** and a******. He loves speaking my cheeks as he Rams me with his huge c***. I love being dirty with him and sucking his c*** and a******, which drives him wild. I introduced him to my husband and they get on great. So now he has an excuse to come and visit "us". He came over the other day and my husband was working on his car while I got Dean a beer. I put my fingers in my wet p**** and served him his beer with p**** juices all over my fingers which I rubbed on his lips. Next thing I know he has me against the laundry door with three fingers inside me from behind, kissing my neck. All while my husband was outside. It made me even hornier.

I have slept with over 100 guys (all but six over 18!years ago). But I look after myself and still have a hot body even after having kids. I know what men want and have f***** and sucked so many different c****. I sold my a*** for 6 months to get me through Uni but stopped doing it even though I actually loved being a little w****. I learnt what men wanted and can read them like a book.
I am so h**** all the time that last night some friends crashed at our place after a big night. My friend (f) got really drunk as did my husband and they crashed out early. I went and f***** my husband but got up afterwards to lock the house up. To my surprise my friends husband was also awake. I was so h**** but didn't want to do anything with him until he hugged me goodnight so tightly that his c*** was rubbing on me. He started rubbing my a***. Then he kissed me. While he is really hot, he didn't make me feel like I do when I am with Dean. I have been attracted to him for years and I was so h**** that I kissed him back and I let him finger me. We sat down and had another drink then I noticed him rubbing his fingers on his lips and tasting my juices. I let him suck my t*** and finger me some more before i grabbed his c*** and gave him a wet hand job. I didn't feel that attracted to him but the little s*** inside me just wanted to turn him on. I can't help myself. I didn't f*** him but love the fact that he now wants to f*** me bad. It did make me realise how much Dean really does it for me and the connection we have which is like nothing I have experienced before. Not even with my husband. After so many years I am basically bored with his c***. I am wet just thinking about Dean and all the other h**** married men I could satisfy. I drop hints to my husband as I would love for him to let me f*** other men but he won't do it.
I wish we could be swingers. I would love to watch some h**** b**** suck his c*** while I f***** her husband!


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  • We should exchange information I'll love to hear more from you

  • Have you ever considered prostitution, you are clearly a w****

  • I might be possible to work on him about this .. I'd need to know what his specific objections are..

  • You are a very hot wife. Your husband is lucky

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