I m*********

I watch p*** and m********* twice a day or more. then I hate what I did and pretend I never did it. I even hate the p*** I watch to get me in the mood. I want a nice man but maybe I am not looking in the right places. what do you have to do to get their attention ? why are some men so violent and awful at s** and have no idea what women want. I just always wanted a hot guy. not all the saggy baggy fat ugly old losers, some even were pretending to be around my age and I was naive but now I can see there is no way they could have been.

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  • Your the looser, b****

  • Sounds like your the lower, not the poor bustard who f*** you

  • As soon as you approach sec from the what can I get out of it, your f*****.

  • Let's meet

  • Eh. So here is the conundrum we live with. The rough guys attract the hot women. The nice guys who try to do the right thing don't get the hot women.

    I think you want a combination that does not exist.

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