i'm sick of this b**** who are actually trying to lose weight, but always pretend not to be! she work out intensively everyday, skipping meals, always measuring herself! but still come and freaking ask me "am i too thin?", "omg, i think i should put on some weight back" what do u expect me to say? u know i'm on diet too (though i never follow my plan, i'd admit it and dont drama like u!) u want me to get jealous of u!?
the sickest thing is that, when she eat, she'll make sure i'll eat with her and my portion must be bigger! she know that i can't resist food, (that's why i never bought any snacks), she'll buy loads of choc, chips, but never ate it!! she always make me eat it!! if i dont eat it, she will just put it there till it expire and throw it away!!

i'm so tired of her, why don't u just admit it and shut the f*** up? if u're so obssess with your figure, can u just keep it to yourself and stop asking me those stupid question and stop your stupid wasteful act!!

and the most horrible thing is that THIS B**** IS MY MOM!!!

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  • She sounds like an emotional vampire. Let her know that those comment hurt you, if she loves you she'll stop, and if she still makes them... sneak lard into her food. You're stronger than her because you're aware.

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