Disability should be allowed s**, marriage and babies too

I seen a lady I met who has a slight mental disability and all she talks about is being an aunty and she gives speeches all the time but she has a kind heart and honest. her parents died and they were very wealthy and I can't get over how she can fuss over a stranger's kid in the bus and not question why she has no husband and baby herself. its a proven fact that people with muscle and joint pain or overweight or with depression its all the fact that they are not getting s**. s** releases all kinds of chemicals in the brain and body that is healing. disability people can do certain types of work and should get seriously cheaper holidays. unemployment and poverty some face is seriously unfair. if these people were supported more in friendships and work that is suitable for their abilities and allowed to have a s** life and babies their would be less on disability welfare and unemployment or ill all the time. having a baby makes people feel productive and worthy and these slightly intellectually disabled people do have a sense of responsibility and morals more then most folk with all their brains working, and carers could help and visit them regualarly anyway. its just so sad that this woman is well into her 40s and living in a old peoples nursing home where her father was and others are at home with old parents struggling and have physical and mental and emotional pain and I am sorry if this sounds weak or simplicitic but s** does heal people in a big way. babies heal people and give them a purpose to live and get up. the physical muscel impact of sexual thrusting is inate in all living creatures and its a natural desire and need to experience and no one has the right to take it away from disability women who suffer pain. my pshyio and surgeon has literally told me my back injuries and weight gain could be fixed by riding a man daily. we all have the need to precreate offspring and I see and I experience too many childless disability educated people, and I am sick of it and I want a better life. who says that some old s*** who works as a music conductor who was a music teacher for 50 years with her masters has a right to judge who can be a better lover or mother or better designer etc. seriously. I am so sick of judgmental old women who have been married 3 times educating anti marriage and anti babies as if just because they have masters degrees and worked for 50 years they know more. what does it do for them to see others have no love, no s**, no babies, no marriage? is her life happier for seeing and teaching so many she labels as not worthy of love! all she says "oh they don't understand the concept of marriage or responsibilities etc even its just a token birthday party event for thesse disability idiots".


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  • I have been in care roles as well in health and I think a lot of people make weird assumptions as soon as its said "mental disability" because that can range from intellectual disability to just ptsd and depression. but even so there are varying degrees of mental and intellectual disability. does it mean they are less capable of love or being honored in love? or taking care of a baby because I know some people in this group the disability is not huge. sounds like this woman has a turrets syndrome and not crazy and she seems to get out and about on her own by what you are saying. I know some other disability people and they are slightly challenged her husband has a motor disorder but his brain is quite with it and his wife has a mild intellectual disability has a leg in a special boot but its not obvious and they get transport and do volunteer work and she is prettier then some normal girls and her husband is very nice looking even with his motor disability to move his body slowly but he can do a lot of things and they live on their own. I just think people need to lighten up. we are not perfect humans are capable of being injured and I grew up in a time when it was all shoved at us about how disability and less then perfect was something to throw in a underground tunnel like Hitlers mad unstable concepts. why are people so strung out about disability and yet are drug addicts and alcoholics and that is like a disability to some degree.

  • I read one sentence and noticed that YOU probably are probably retard3d.

  • I agree



  • Suck a di(k Welly.

  • Or maybe the government should control breeding. Pair the best to make even better. We could breed winning sports people. Really smart scientists.

  • I think that could lead to even the most intelligent and classy being forced down over time to reach higher levels of what is seen as breeding -worthy then would shut down to a rare few then. I mean plenty of inbred royals do nothing and are clearly insane and deformed.

  • There are different forms of Disabilities/Learning disabilities and individuals with various forms, are assessed individually. Some have limited mental capacity, so are unable to take care of themselves independently, without full or partial support/care; from Support Workers, Carers etc. Individuals with a disability whether Physical or Mental are different

  • DER! really! but that could employ more carers and support workers to help these people have babies. some obviously are too mentally unable but women like me with some physical disability does not mean I can't work part time in certain jobs or marry and have a baby.

  • You're obviously stupid to assume, I'm unaware of matters like this!

    I wasn't judging and being discriminatory towards anyone with a disability, including yourself! I was simply conveying that there are different forms of disabilities and individuals with various disability conditions, so each of their situations are different. So you fool, "to outline people with disabilities should be able to have babies and so forth, is a singular statement to make!

    Not everyone with a disability has the;
    physical, psychological and mental capacity to consent to having s**, having babies and getting married, as they'd be classed as an vulnerable adult and lack the cognitive skills to make those decisions!

    I'm simply conveying, that treat each case individually, you idiot!! Everyone us different!

    It's not as simple, as what you stated! It maybe in your personal situation!

    I'm a Health Care professional and have the knowledge, training, skills and experience to evidence what I've stated, do you?!

  • You are obviously opinionated and judging.

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