Drunken S**

I was drunk at a party and met a guy who I went home with. We did so many dirty things together that night. I was so h**** that I was letting him push me to my limits which ended up with me on my knees in the bath tub and him p****** on my face. I couldn't even look at him the next day and ran out of his apartment. He ended up telling everyone that I am such a s*** that he f***** me in the ass and p***** on me the same night he met me.

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  • You sound wonderful a real man's dream, my wife is a S*** just like you. We have been married for 25yrs and I love her dearly. I know she still f**** other men occasionally, she is 50 and still gorgeous

  • For what it's worth, I think you're marriage material, someone to be looked up to, not down on.

  • Lol

  • You sound hot to me. I would date you and keep you happy.

  • I would welcome that :)

  • The guy is a tool and a moron. If he had half a brain, he would have kept all the details to himself and started dating you exclusively. That's what I would have done. The loss is his. Not yours. I hope the next guy you s*** has a better mind and better senses. Best wishes!

  • He's only telling everyone because he feels insecure about him self. Just tell everyone that he wanted you to fi*t him. If he says that was not true then you can say neithers him pi****** on you face and f****** you up the ass.

  • Haha so many good comebacks!

  • He is the idiot for violate the secrecy of the bed room.

    I'd say be proud of getting hot and adventurous in the bed room. Also embrace being a s***. Appropriate the word. Own it. That takes the power away from him. You know a bit like american negros took on the words being used to denigrate them like n*****.

  • Being called a "s***" isn't on par with the term "n****"

    Both terms are offensive, regardless if the context they were used in! If anyone is proud to be called either of these terms, they are not,"right in the head!"

  • For what it's worth, I think what you did was sexy as h***! Christ!!!! I wish to God I could meet a girl like you. We would be great together, but there IS one thing I would change: instead of me peeing on you, I'd ask YOU to pee on ME (whenever we're together). That would be so wonderful. But anyways, you just sound really hot and seductive. And I think even a lot of the guys who might hear your story from the other guy will think of you, not as a "s***", but as a skilled and experienced lover, and maybe even one who can take control, if the situation calls for it. I actually think you're amazing. And if the other guy keeps spreading the story, just tell people that things were going well between the two of you that night......until he asked you to s*** on him, and when you said "no" he started to cry, so you left. Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you to not to be embarrassed about what happened, because s** is part of life and it's for fun, and you didn't do anything to be ashamed of. Be proud: lots of men would love to be with you and would be flattered just to go out on a date with you. Good luck in your relationships!

  • Thank you so much! I would love to share my "experience" with you!

  • He is telling the truth. The truth hurts. What is the problem? I don't get it. You weren't too drunk to remember or say no! So why are you embarrassed and upset about him telling everyone what type a girl you are? Stop complaining because you know you loved every minute of it and you want more. If I knew you I would c** in your ass and pee on you too! I would also choke and slap you about. Tie you up and have my way with you and you would love every minute of it! So what's the problem?

  • The problem is, if he was a real man and not a d*********, he wouldn't relay his sexual escapade's to everyone he meets. Just because the girl was slutty in the bedroom, doesn't mean she's slutty in her daily life!

    She's at College and gossip of her bedroom antics will be slanderous to her reputation! She maybe a respectful, hardworking, friendly and out going person, with many friends, this guy maybe damaging how people perceive her because of his revelations! That's not cool!

    Obviously, she made a mistake sleeping with this guy and everyone is entitle to make mistakes and learn from them, but this mistake is highlighted to all her peers and it may make her College experiences/life thereafter, unbearable!

    If you can't comprehend this, you obviously don't have any compassion!

    A person is more than, their sexual desires and bedroom skills, you a******!

  • Thanks!

  • Your welcome

  • I am not normally that type of girl and don't want to be labeled a s*** by everyone. I can't take back what happened and after all, it was consensual. What is the big desire to p*** on a girl?

  • You're digging yourself a hole, girl! I was feeling empathy and sympathy for you, but you're just encouraging more s*** by asking stupid questions!

  • My question was more sarcasm than a real question. Maybe it didn't come across that way haha

  • It didn't lol but I get it now :-)

  • Deny it and If people mention it, tell them he had premature e**********

  • Good one!

  • Lol When I was a teenager, I was in a situation sort of similar. However, I actually didn't have s** and was a virgin. But this guy I knew told everyone he had s** with me.

    I played it cool to everyone externally, but on the inside I was "seething!" So when I was in the College cafeteria and the guy was with his friends, looking and snickering at me, I approached there table and told them all, "that their friend premature e********* in his pants, before he could even do anything. I informed them, I proudly remain a virgin!" So suck it, f******!

  • I like your style

  • Thank you, I do too :)

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