Hi Celina.......It's 2017........

.....and my New Year's Resolutions are (1) to ruin your husband so bad that he won't want to f*** you anymore and (2) to ruin your marriage and then take him from you. I know we're friends but were not THAT close so I'm going to take him from you. Those are my resolutions and he already knows I'm coming to get him. And now......you know it too. :) Happy New Year!

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  • Sounds like he must be a world beating WELLY WANGER!!!

  • Who wants ruined goods?

  • I just think if you have to "take" him he wasn't meant to be yours, and you will end up miserable in the end.

  • Who ever this is, your as dumb as h***! Your post is dumb! Your dumb, your mom is dumb for having you! Your just stupid!

  • Your response would have been much more powerful and entertaining if you knew the difference between "your" and "you're" :(

  • You can have him... he's got the Clap and Herpes. Good luck!

  • That's nice and all but if anyone is going to take Celina's husband it's going to be me. Once he goes gay there is no other way.

  • ^Agreed^. I'm a gay man and I've blown up my share of marriages. I really love doing that.

  • Scum like you deserve what's coming. Eternal hellfire.

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