How having S** With a HIV+ Cousin Became a Blessing!

Twelve years ago, a young cousin of mine(my dad's sister's daughter) came to stay with me and my then wife. My wife worked nights and I was a truck driver. I came home few days before Thanksgiving, and I don't know what happened but but we started having s** while my wife was at work. I knew my cousin was HIV+ so we used protection.I know for sure I don't have HIV.

On Thanksgiving that year,my cousin called me upstairs to show her something on the computer. My wife and brother-inlaw were downstairs. My wife came upstairs and accused us of having an affair or something like that. My cousin was simply sitting at a desk in the family room and I was standing behind her looking at the computer screen.

There was a big blow-up. I decided to take my cousin to a motel with all her things. We f***** all night and day and I put her back on a plane that day to the state where she came from. She is now happilly married and has 5 healthy kids.

Within that month,while my wife was out of the country,I moved out of that brand new house,left almost everything I owned in it, and moved to another state. We ended up divorcing and I gave her the house,which she lost many years later. I wanted kids and wife could not have any, and that contributed to my decision to leave. Without this incident,I would have wasted many more years in that fruitless marriage.

Within 2 years I met a much younger lady and I gave her two sons. We share custody and I am happy. I had another son with another young lady last year, and I think things are going well.

I hope my cousin or ex-wife never read this, because they will know for sure that I am the confessor. I also believe that besides my cousin's hubby, I am the only one in the family who knows that she has HIV. She had told me this in strict confidence.

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  • S**. It's in the title, s e x... *********************

  • Fake

  • Not one word about that confession is fake. But you don't have to believe it.

  • You're right, I don't have to believe anything. Not even you stating, "it's not fake!" :)

  • Hehe, that's right & you don't. I guess you TOLD him, ye little twirp. You don't have to take that. All immature li'l cowards can sit behind their devices now & have verbal tantrums at men without feeling intimidated. It's great preparation for the REAL world.

  • Lol that includes yourself, you idiot!

    You're also sat behind a device cursing individuals, are you not lol?

    As for myself, I have personal life experience and a profession where I interact with challenging individuals daily. So I'm quite resilient, assertive and strong minded.

    So yes, I find it easy in life and over a device, to convey my true thoughts lol

    Whether you believe me or not, I don't give a rats a*** lol!

    Good day!

  • Ok... Good for you, I guess..?

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