I dont want to cheat...but....

My boyfriend has given up on s**. He just isn't interested. He just works, goes out or plays Xbox. We love each other alot but I need s**!
I was seeing my friends boyfriend a few years ago before I met my boyfriend and I know he still wants me... It's tempting. I don't want to lose my boyfriend but a woman has needs!
Anybody been in a similar situation? what did you do?

Jan 22, 2017

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  • I think you should go to da hood and get a few big brothas to f*** you right in da ass. Let em get all up in dat ass and f*** you like the s*** you is. You know you want it.

  • Don't cheat. My husband was always low libido, even when we were in our late 20s and early 30s, when I was climbing the walls with desire to make babies.

    We're in our 40s now, and we've leveled off. Both of us. We have s** maybe once a year, and we're fine with it. I'm so glad that I lived in a strong, committed relationship. It is too stupid to blow it up over infidelity.

    If your bf is your prince, then stay with him and treat him well. There is more to a relationship than s**. Much more.

  • I think she should ask for an open relationship.

  • I was in your position once several years ago, longing to become involved with the fiancé of a girl I'd been best friends with in high school. She and I were sophomores in college and he had finished grad school and was working in a financial firm. We both wanted each other, sexually and in other ways, but the principal attraction was sexual: when it came to s**, we both wanted each other FAR more than we wanted the partners we had. We discussed it before we leapt at each other, and decided to do it, and to keep it quiet, at least at the outset. So we did it. We started an affair, and it was spectacular. Really really SPECTACULAR. And we kept it up even after their wedding (in which I was a bridesmaid). It was the hottest relationship either he or I ever had, and the adulterous nature of it was an important part of the heat of it. We might have eventually gotten married to each other (leaving our marriages in the dust), but he got transferred to another state and the distance killed the relationship we had. It was heartbreaking, but it was a wonderful period. I say you should go for it, because this sounds like it could easily be as meaningful to you as mine was to me. Be with him, and be well.

  • Start up a real hot affair with the other guy you want, just keep it quiet. You both want each other BAD so you should have each other completely. S** is for fun. You don't have to take it so serious. Enjoy him.

  • Let him f*** you

  • ^i totally agree^ ........ i think you should be the aggressor.............

  • Just go and f*** anyone you want, he's a w*****

  • End the relationship first and then pursue other people

  • There is a difference between love and s**. If you love your boyfriend, then stay. If he doesn't give you s**, then f*** someone else. People tend to confuse love and s**. They are not the same, and shouldn't be treated as such. You can love someone and not f*** them, just like you can f*** someone and not love them.

  • This person has the right idea.

  • There is no justification for cheating. If you aren't happy in your current relationship,end it and move on. If you have any respect for your current boyfriend and yourself you will talk about your needs if they can't be met then part as friends and find someone knew.

  • In reference to the title of your confession - "If you don't want to cheat, don't cheat" - If you want to sleep with other people, split up with your guy and move on. If you don't intend to split, discuss your feelings with him, maybe you could both come up with a compromise. Ask him how he'd feel, if you were to sleep with someone else for s**. That might jumpstart/recharge his s** drive. Communication is the key, being unfaithful is cruel girl.

  • Depending on how you act or look he might not be turned on by you

  • I get your point, but it's not a good one.

  • If you truly love your B/F and you think you want to stay with him, don't get with the old B/F. Connect with someone in the next town over or at least away from your hood. You need it, you deserve it. There is a chance it will spark your l*** for your current B/F all over again. It could drive you to 'drive him crazy' with your needs, but in a good way.

  • End it with your current boyfriend or discuss your concerns with him. Give him the opportunity and chance to improve his ways. If he doesn't want to meet you half way, part amicable wats with him and be single for a while.

    Enjoy your youth and freedom. Don't resume an affair with your friend's boyfriend. That's unfair to your friend. To be honest, you aren't really a friend to your friend at all.

  • ^Ignore this.^ Enjoy her boyfriend.

  • You've misconstrued what I've written.
    I wasn't stating she shouldn't enjoy her boyfriend!

    Re-read the confession to fully comprehend it and then read the comments. You should understand by then - but if you don't, It's pointless to attempt to help you any further!

  • Dumbass

  • You're a dumbass!

  • If she wants the other guy, and the other guy wants her, there's no harm. They should hook it up. It's going to happen eventually, so why waste time pretending like it won't?

  • You don't understand my point.

    If you're in a relationship that's not working out and you're attracted to someone else, of whom you contemplate being with, would you end your relationship to pursue the other person or continue in your relationship and commence an affair?

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