F****** moron of a step son

I have a step son who is 6 years old and has ADHD and ASD (autistic) me and his mother havr had a baby together and i cant deal with him anymore
He goes to school but is dumb as a doorknob, just everything he does s**** me to tears! No manners at all
Only thinks of himself
F****** rude little smart assed c***
He pretends to swallow his adhd meds and then throws them on the floor or behind somethimg when we walk away knowing he has a f****** younger sister and friends who might find the meds and take them
He has no idea about consequences or why its wrong to do certain things
He will s*** himself and sit in his filth for hours if we dont make him shower
He laughs at stuff that he has no f****** clue about nor understands and that s**** me up the wall! I hate this f****** mongaloid so much i just want to walk away but i cant because i love my daughtet so much i cant just up and leave!
Everything about the little t*** makes me sick to the core!
Everything is a battle
Bed time
F****** everything!
Im at my absolute end here!
My mrs doesent understand how i feel coz apparently its f****** normal....
The rest of his family baby him (his f****** nearly 7)
No one believes in punishment except me and when i try i get torn to shreds
I cant even stand looking at him
His a bucked toothed f****** potato
Just a head on a stick

Jan 22, 2017

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  • You're supposed to be helping to raise the boy, therefore this is partially your fault. It's a fact that boys don't grow up well without having a man around to discipline them. You're the stepfather, that's your job and you need to remind your wife that you are also there to help raise the boy, not be his doormat. As for getting the boy under control, ADHD or ASD being no excuse, you can start by not allowing yourself to be manipulated by a 6 year old and tearing his little ass up every single time he soils himself. Put your foot down. You're the adult, you're the man of the house, you're in charge. Period.

  • "tear his little ass up" h*** he would be sooooooooo tight it would be heaven

  • Don't know if you will find this useful or not, but a wet towel doesn't leave any marks.....

  • I'd beat the s*** out of him when the mom isn't home. dot leave any marks then just deny it. tell him that you are going to do it every time no one is looking. he will never want to come near you.

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