I'm a dog murderer.

I dropped my dog off of my deck twice trying to kill her and it worked the second time.

Jan 22, 2017

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  • Psychopath

  • You are lucky that this is all anonymous... If I knew who you were, you just might end up with 45 caliber lead poisoning. Now go do the world a great favor and commit suicide.

  • You are an a****** of the first water...b******!

  • Jesus Christ you have done that dog a favor by saving it from another day in your presence. Now please do the rest of the world a favor and drop yourself off the deck.

  • You need to be in jail.

  • Looser

  • Loser, not looser

  • If its true you should kill yourself

  • That's a strong thing to state! But I get your point. The OP definitely needs, Psychiatric help without a doubt.

  • You're what you're. It's unfortunate, but not a surprising confession. Cruel acts of some human beings, never seize to amaze and shock me.

    I think your dog is in a more peaceful place. As for you, you're definitely conflicted and tormented. No surprises there.

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