Cheating with a woman but her husband's a p****

I've been seeing a married woman for a few months. We see each other in the afternoons when we can, and when anything intimate happens, it's at my house. She was here this afternoon and we were lying in bed in the afterglow so to speak, when her cell rang. Usually, she turns it off and if it isn't off, she almost never answers it. She did today. It was her husband, who has got to be one of the biggest a******* I've ever heard. Yeah, I know I'm one too for seeing her, but this guy was really abusing her verbally. I couldn't hear much of what he said, but it was about something she forgot to pick up at the store, and he yelled at least twice, "Don't you EVER do that again!" She said she was sorry two or three times and that she wouldn't forget again. It sounded like this kind of thing is a regular occurance. Like I said, I couldn't hear much else of what he said, but his tone was psycho enough. It was a short call, but when she hung up, I asked her about what was going on, and if he'd ever gotten violent. She was annoyed at my questions, and insisted he never physically abuses her, and that he was all talk and didn't mean anything. She got dressed and left quickly, so maybe he'd told her to get home or whatever.

I knew she was married, but I didn't know anything about him before today. I knew she wasn't happy, but I never let her go on about him. I figured our time together is our time, and I'm nobody's confessor. I'm just wondering why she answered the phone right in front of me today, when she never did before. Was I supposed to hear this, s***** the phone out of her hand and tell him if he ever laid a finger on her I'd beat his head in? I admit I'm dumb here. I got married right out of high school and was faithful to my wife until she died a couple years ago. I have no instincts about drama. I don't know why I got involved with this woman. I'm fond of her but I'm not in love with her, and I've never lied to her. And for that matter, I don't sense her feelings for me are deep either. In over my head.


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  • I've been through those types of affairs while single & married. It's key to remain focused on your own desires & not try to mix in the drama. Depending on the individual, emotions can be difficult to keep a handle on. Moreover, keep in mind that there may be plenty of variables you are unaware of. Certainly keep the actual copulation & sexual relations at your place only.

  • Her husband is probably cheating on her too, mabye youll get the herp if youre lucky

  • It's not your concern about her husband, because you're the one sleeping with a married woman. You're not in a great position, to judge anyone.

    Secondly, the woman you're sleeping with should end her marriage, if she is so unhappy with her husband and his abuse. No one should put up with any form of abuse.

    Thirdly, you seem to be getting emotionally involved with this woman. What do you expect from this affair in the long run?

  • That's a good question. I don't know what I expect. I love the steady s**, but I like spending time with her too. As long as we keep things light, we have a lot of fun together. I guess maybe that's a sign that things should stay light? We've continued to see each other since that day, but she hasn't brought up her husband or answered his calls in front of me and I haven't said anything about him either.

  • Fair enough, it seems like no strings attached s**. Seems like you're ok with that and same goes for her. If she starts complaining about her husband to you, it probably would be time for you to reassess your booty call with this woman.

    You're the one whose single, its her that is attached. I don't condone cheating, but to be fair you can walk away anytime.

    Happy f******, as long as you're happy! :)

  • You are just her side f*** so don't give yourself to much credit! She answered the phone in front of you to show you she only uses you as a toy. Here is a little piece of advice if you want to keep f****** her say out of her relationship with her husband. If you start putting him down she will be gone!

  • You don't know that for definite. But I get your point

  • Yeah, I'm going to stay out of her relationship with her husband. Nothing I can do anyway. She's not a child. I like the time we have together and I want to keep that going, but I don't need the drama.

  • Don't get involved with the drama and inform your booty call of this. Simple

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