S** with black guys

I want to have a baby by a black man and to be used by black men I want their c** all in me I'm a 18 year old white girl with my p****. Shaved

Jan 23, 2017

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  • Forreal your gonna be alone with 4 mixed kids cuz dad aint gonna work or treat u right or even stay with u black people have next to no respect for women especially white women do society and the wellfare system a favor and kill yourself

  • Mudshark, coal burner, n***** f****** w****, your going to like getting passed around, gang banged, used in every hole by who ever and in the end being alone with a b****** that you don't even know the fathers name.

  • Sperm bank! Your welcome!

  • OMG you're wishing to be and stay single and miserable. That's all I see here. Single ugly fat white moms with mix kids. Typical no fathers around, they desperate for any black c*** then are secretly racist. Are you Kim Kartrashian? 😂

  • Then you'll hate him for leaving you and flaunt your trendy baby around. Not all are cute. I assure you

  • Not all babies are cute anyways, regardless of race! The same goes for some individuals as well, regardless of race!

    So your point means squat!!

  • Yeah right. You're just obese and trashy like the rest of them. Only a pig will use you. Then again, you'll never last. Your union never lasts. It's dying. Once you go black, you stay single LOL and not all of them have huge c****. Stereotype you fool but good luck...not! Hahaaaaaa you're just a nympho. Join a p*** site w****. Ew!

  • Seems like you're a walking contradiction, hypocrite and stereotype as well! Why am I not surprised?!

  • I think your dream is a common one for women your age. But it's not a fantasy. This can happen for you. This can come true in your life. Go for it! You will love every minute of the relationship with your black man and then carrying his baby and then raising it with him.........all while he f**** you exactly like you need to be f*****.

  • Stereotypical idiot!!

  • With him?! He'll leave for sure HAHA I love my white boys. They don't leave and they're bigger. Good luck keeping one. You poor loser

  • Ignorant idiot!

  • So your a BCW

  • Enjoy your life honey black man have big c**** and they f*** better than us I love to let n***** d*** f*** my girl and my daughters want them to know what a good night of s** is

  • Wow you need help hillbilly. You need Jesus. Btw he's Black too. I dare you to say that to his face. Chances are, you won't have a chance and be cast to H*** and turn Black from all the burning. God Bless heathen.

  • Fool!

  • Shut the f*** up, fool!

    Such a f******; stereotypical attention seeker! What wrong with you?!

  • W****

  • Right back at you, p***!

  • Your still a w****

  • Are you a black man?

  • Probably an obese man; living in his mothers basement, wishing he had a glory hole instead of a useless tool that's mainly skin and no substance :)

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