Group s**

I have always wanted to be center of attention in a g*******. My husband loves the idea, and even has a few friends "willing and ready, at moments notice" to come over and fulfill this fantasy. Personally, I'd rather it be with guys I don't know, rather than guys my husband works with or sees on a regular basis.

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  • I've also wanted to be the only woman in a gang bang. My husband is all for it and doesn't care who joins us. I'm the one dragging my feet. I'm not sure if I can handle it for real. I do LOVE to think about it.

  • My gf friend is bi and would love to see her with another woman. Not a guy i know i would have issues. Even me joining in with the other woman i wouldnt go all the way. Just play

  • Go with strangers, one and done. anybody else you know or multiple times with the same strangers just causes problems. Don't even get the strangers name or number, don't give him yours either. Just pick them up in the bar, tell them the deal (terms), take them to the hotel room, f*** them, and ask them to leave. Of course your hubby will watch or even join in.

  • It's better with strangers, my husband got me to f*** three of his friends, its very hard to meet them, with their wives. But on holiday I f***** six men in front of him it was great

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