F***** my Sister in Law and she still doesn't know!!

I f***** my sister in law without her knowing.
Well she has been living with us for like an year.She is very raunchy wear really hot clothes and f*** with her BF like a beast.My wife doesn't like her BF so she would never bring him home.But last to last week when she was gone her sister will bring him home because basically i really don't care.They would f*** almost the entire day.I could hear the same in my room.She would be panting and moaning and sometimes screaming and i masturbated to their sounds a couple of times.I don't know when they sleep but they f*** almost the entire night.
One day at night when as usual she was getting f***** i went to the kitchen to drink some water when i saw their room door open a slight bit.It was silent so I peeked a little and could see a naked thigh.Then i heard s person behind me when i looked back it was her BF standing and smiling at me.I was baffled tried to just go into my room but her just stood in my way.He told to me come i will show u something and he took me inside the room and told me to keep quite.What i saw blew my mind she was all tied to the bed blindfolded in doggy style with her p**** and ass opened up for anyone to view.I got a hardonn clearly visible from my PJs.He just pushed me a little bit near to her and took my hand and kept on her butt.She was gagged but was moaning a bit.I dunno how i slided my hand near her a****** and p**** feeling their warmth.
He then pulled me outside the room and pointing to me hardonn said i know u want to f*** her so what will u do if i say u can do the same at a cost.I asked him the cost and he said a pretty high one.At first i said no.But then he told so much that i can f*** her as long as i want.I can come on her wherever i want but not in p**** and even use her ass whatever way i want.As complimentary he would allow me to have a blowjib.I knew it was wrong but i said yes and transferred money in his account.He told me to go inside and warned me not to c** in her p**** at any cost.

Then i started i took out my c*** and shoved in her p****.I f***** her till i was ready to c** and then i just came on her back which was already c** drenched from her BF.The i used her ass f****** it like there is no tommorrow .She was trying to scream but the gaga was converting them into moans making it even more sexy.I came in her ass so many times that her ass was spilling my c** out at every stroke i was taking in her p****.I came on her and in her ass so many times that i lost all counts.A few times I was fondling her b****** while i was f****** her.At last he came in the room and indicated that it was enough and that i should just go.I asked him for the BJ.He removed her gag and she was a little angry but he made her smoke some weed and she was docile.He then told me to use her mouth however i want.I f***** her to her throat and she took it all.She took my entire c*** in her throat.I came twice in her mouth.And then i just went away.While i was closing the door.I could see him putting her on bed for another round but this time without any gag or blindfold.Then i could hear him f****** her at night.

It was the best night ever and now when my wife is back he is not allowed in the house i wish if only he would come back and i could have some more fun with my Sister in law


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  • Totally fake

  • How do you know it's fake, got a Fu cking crystal ball have ya? Jealous are we. Boo hoo.

  • A person can c** maximum three to four times at a go. After that the color of the c** though little turns to bloodish. Thereafter it will generate only blood from your testicles. Check out this fact with any Doctors or physicians.

  • Wishful thinking

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