Grabbed Random Girls Butt In Front Of Wife

My wife and I went out to a comedy club a few weeks back with some friends. Where I happened to sit was against a wall with my wife across the table from me. The comedian was standing to my right, so I had to turn and face that direction. Another table was in front of me, with two couples seated.

I didn't really notice the woman seated in front of me till she moved and her ass touched my knee. I looked down and saw a round juicy butt. The way she sat with her legs crossed, it pushed her left Ass cheek almost off the seat as she leaned into her boyfriend seated in front of her. By the way her ass pushed out from the pressure of sitting I could tell it was shapely. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I slowly put my hand beside my right knee, hidden from all, and pressed my fingers up against her butt.

First I used the back of my hand. Ever so slightly on her. With no reaction I turned my hand over and palmed it. It was so firm and soft. She wore really tight black polyester pants. I rubbed it softly back and forth directly under her. I could even feel the outline of her panties. Twice she felt something and adjusted herself, wiggling around but never looking back at me. She sat there for 2 hours while I had my way with her glorious left ass cheek.

My wife and her boyfriend/husband never knew what was going on, which made it hotter. Having her man right next to her while enjoying her plump backside was incredible. I even got up to use the bathroom a few times, always coming back to touch her ass. After the show I noticed her checking me out quite a bit. She was good looking too I noticed. Brown wavy hair, tan skin. Huge butt. Great night.

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