First time a***.

I've been with my wife for three years and everythings been great. We're both successful in our jobs and in good health. No complaints. Yesterday my wife admitted to me that she had a fetish and preferred a*** s** to traditional. I've been an ass man my entire life and was more than happy to oblige. My wife has a very nice round ass. Oh my god it felt so good. So f****** tight. It was like sticking my d*** in a Chinese finger trap. It was awesome. Life is good.

Jan 28, 2017

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  • Hope you was gentle and didn't allow your excitement to overcloud your senses too much. You don't want to pound the h*** out of your wife's behind, when it's more or less virginal - that would definitely be painful and selfish of you.

    But anyways, did your wife enjoy it, as you didn't mention that?

  • My Mrs of 15 years always been sceptical about a*** s**,even getting my tongue in there I got pushed away after a bit,used to get a half finger in as I ate p**** and that would tip her over the edge and she would buck n shudder like crazy then push me away,so couple years back she surprised me when as I watched her f****** a young 19 year old with more c*** than I could ever dream of(over 10" of it) she backed on to him and whispered "f*** me in the a***" he duly obliged to lots of whimpering,squealing and real tears from her as he went in deeper n deeper,probably thinking she does this quite a lot,my face must have been a picture as she looked my way mouthing "magical truly magical,but f****** hurts" she came hard by rubbing clitty with a free hand as he f***** more aggressive and went in to the hilt as she begged for him to "c** in me" which he duly did,ever since then it's been her preferred finish when either myself or one of her random "young studs" f**** her brains out,I prefer to watch her take a big c*** nowadays then chew her c*** after they leave,it's nicely puffed up then and c*** so quickly and often,love the taste of its juices then,and I finish off over her f***** a***-hole or tiny t***

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  • Love a***, my husband took my Virgin a*** on our wedding night, 25yrs ago. His c*** is fat and hurt like he'll but I like sexual pain. I also love lesbian s** and he is OK with me having a girlfriend

  • Fake ass confession

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