Erotic Fury

We had enjoyed a night at a friend´s house, you know dinner, drinks and some music. The group of us in our 30s and 40s had spend the early evening hours toasting glasses of prosecco while talking about sports, politics and more basically curing the world´s evils. My wife (Ray) whom I had often fantasised about being ravaged by a stranger was truly enjoying herself talking to several very interesting people with backgrounds in advertising and media.

The conversation after what seemed to be our 5th glass of prosecco veered over to "I never"... feeling like kids again we all enjoyed it. "I never swam naked in the ocean" to "I never kissed another guy"... the I nevers quickly migrated to the more juicy variety. "I never had a threesome with anothe girl, guy" etc... This was setting the tone for a fun night.

The ante was upped when we opted to play "Truth or Dare". I was dared to kiss the neighbors wife on her inner thigh, she nodded "ok" and I did. Ray was dared, but opted for a truth "I have fingered myself over the thought of someone in this room"... WOW!... Later she was dared to go into a closet with a stranger (she had just met at the party) and stand there holding each other. She did... we all did crazy stuff.

I returned to our house on several occassions to grab more beer and prosecco as the stock was drying up and the party was just getting off the ground. At close to midnight and about 8 hrs into the party, people were dancing, hefty discussions on politics and another sexual desires (I found most interesting) were going on. I pulled my wife over to hear more about this one... she was somewhat still shy and backed off. Later the conversation turned into even more detailed with s** acts and things of that nature being covered. At this point someone asked me if had anymore of that microbeer from Boston. I nodded and headed home to get yet more...

Upon my return Ray was in the middle of the discussion on s** and she was telling everyone how shy she was. The very open group had obviously lots of experience in experimenting and they prodded her to open up. She did...

A few more hours had passed an I noticed Ray was no longer in the room. Asking about they said she headed home. A conversation I had on politics had taken my full attention via a guy from Portugal. Ok I thought and I headed for a last call drink as the party started to wind down.

I headed home and fumbled around as I could not find the right pocket for my keys. In the corner of my eye I could see the living room light was still on and there was some movement... "Oh no someone is partying here"... much to my astonishment I could see someone in the middle of being f***** from behind, a guy slapping her ass as he thrusted. I thought to break it up but it was actually very erotic to see. I moved to the next window to see it was Ray... a fury came over me but I was paralyzed want to watch what I had fantasised about so many times before. I did not recognize the guy and as I repositioned to see whom he was my legs remained frozen in place. His c*** was pounding away. There was no sound. I freed my legs and wandered around the house to see from a better angle. Through a back door window I could see him holder her hair and f****** away. He stops, turns her over, grabs her legs, spreads them apart, she was soaking wet from the action, hairn face all sweaty as he came near to her. She stopped for a second looking to hear if there was someone in the room.. and then guided his c*** into her stretched p****. He pounded away...

I was so turned on as he f***** away. She writhed, slithered and he lifted her legs above her head she looked at him as he entered her... About to finish he again turns her over and f**** her from behind. Finally freezing up as he explosed in her p****...falling on top of her, they kiss passionately and he exits her. She is looking so ravaged and sexy. My fantasy come true...

Feb 2, 2017

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  • Very hot. Would love to see my wife with another guy. The closest I get to this is when she plays with guys on roulette sites. Very hot b

  • This is basically my husband's fantasy too

  • Awesome...

  • Nice fantasy, have you told your wife that's how you imagine it?

  • Yes... at first she was turned off but after a while I noticed she wanted to hear details. Now she is watching you, me, her in Netflix.

  • Not this one... still trying to determine how much I should share... suggestions?

  • Or is that actually what you're saying? That this is your fantasy and you don't know how to tell your wife?

  • Yes

  • Ok, have you seen the website called mojoupgrade dot com? Go check it out and see if you can get your wife to take the questionnaire. Don't forget about this website, because you'll want to come back and do it again later. Now, start by taking your wife out for nice date. Make sure the alcohol is flowing (whatever she likes). When you get home and you two are getting hot and heavy, take notice if she's horney. (She's your wife, you know if she's horney or not). If she's horney, then ask her if she wants you to talk dirty to her. See how she reacts, but don't tell her your fantasy yet. If she says yes, then ask her if she has any fantasies. Don't forget to talk seductive like. Don't tell her your fantasy yet, just hint around that you have one. This will get you started, let me know how it turns out. Good luck.

  • Yes we have...

  • If this is the case, then I can probably help you out. I had the same fantasy and I can tell you what I've tried.

  • Please tell. Thx

  • Seriously dude, I'm having a hard time believing this actually happened. You say you went back to your house several times to get alcohol, so your wife knows you are coming and going in your house. So why on earth would your wife take some guy back to your house and f*** him in the living room knowing she would get caught? And why did she leave the party without you? I assume you showed up together, she didn't think you'd question who she left with. I mean seriously, your story has major flaws in it. The only way this makes any since, is if you two already do this kind of thing, or this is how you imagine it in your head. If this is how you want it to happen, then fine, just say so. But I don't buy that it's the first time, never discussed, and that's what happened.

  • A fantasy i see.

  • A fantady

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