Regret Stealing Sister In Laws Panties

My wife's sister had a BBQ recently and we all drank heavily. My SIL's husband had work that night and left. After drinking all day my wife was very tired and went to bed early with my kid leaving me downstairs with her older sister and their teenage nephew. Being pretty drunk I said I needed to check on my wife and kid.

I peeked in the extra room where my wife was sleeping and saw they were knocked out. As I was heading back downstairs I saw my sister in laws bedroom door open. From here things happened quickly. I ran to her dresser and the first drawer I opened contained her panties. I quickly rummaged around and pulled out a pair, whatever felt the sexiest, and stuffed them in my pocket and headed down stairs. Just as their nephew came to see what I was doing, almost catching me.

I took her panties to the bathroom with me and inspected them. I always tried to imagine what my wife's older sister had on under her pants. Always looking for panty lines-looking for a thong. These were boy shorts. White with elaborate sexy lace along the edges. Oh to see her in these!! I jacked off into them. Focusing my c*** into where her p**** and ass would be. After finishing I threw that pair into the dirty clothes bin and covered them with other clothes. The washing machine and bin were right in front of the bath.

When I woke I was filled with regret. I noticed my sister in law acting a bit weird with me. when I looked in her dirty clothes hamper near her washing machines I saw it was empty and she had done laundry. I felt really bad about this betrayal and invasion of privacy. Almost depressing me for weeks. I don't know if my sister in law noticed her sexy pair in the laundry bin. She must have I'm guessing since only towels and swimming shorts were in there.

Either way she's never brought it up and I still can't believe what I did. Time has made it better for me. She acts normal around me. I'll live with this guilt and dirty pleasure for some time. I still wonder if she found them soaking in my sperm. Hopefully the wet swimming clothes kind of blended in with the wetness.


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  • That's nothing, I've c u m m e d on my 83yo mother in-law's (Dottie is her name) toothbrush, put some on her inhaler and her mouth guard too, the best was putting my load in a hobby syringe then put it in her almost empty v a g a s i l tube and mixed it real good, I jacked off that night 3 times thinking of how it would stick her p u s s y l i p s together. Also have put about 10 loads on the c r o t c h of her dirty p a n t i e s and leave them out where she can see them. I've been in her bed with no clothes and spunked on her sheets and on her pillow case right on top oh her drool stains, it keeps me going.


  • F****** hot, Steve how old are you

  • I'm 59 and loving it

  • You cant f*** with girls lingerie. They are like computers with that s***. You should have just stolen them or soiled them and put them back in the same exact spot. The most normal fetish is a lingerie fetish for men so don't think your the only one who ever got off touching panties.

  • Not that weird. not that bad. forgive yourself.

  • You should have regret--that's nasty. Of course she knew. You need to be a better person. Are you a Christian? If not, look into it. You should confess your sins too. The Lord will forgive you, if you acknowledge your sins.

    You're lucky the word isn't out on you. If a BIL jerked into my clothes, I'd mention it, and maybe send them in for DNA testing if the person in question was lying about it. The Devil is tempting you to do bad things, so recognize that. The Devil has put l*** in your heart. Resist! Repent! The kingdom of God comes from within. Strike down the Devil-l*** in your heart and embrace the Word of the Lord. Follow His light and you shall be saved.

  • Oh f*** off you t***.

  • Wtf

  • Lol

  • Hey how bout that. It's the ethical equivalent of a stinking possum rooting through the garbage can in the night. Shoo, pest. Shoo!

  • What a f***** up weird thing to do. lol

  • Oh she definitely saw they were filled with c** but she probably has forgotten about it

  • Yeah,,,,no, women don't forget s*** like this

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