Licking a p**** after it came

Being spanked by wife of my preacher wife n I liked it alot alot

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  • Love eating a p**** after its c**,get my teeth into that enlarged c*** and tug it gently until it c*** again then get my tongue right up inside it,bum too they love it there

  • Yum yum, my c*** is wet thinking of it

  • That's good to know I enjoy hearing about a nice wet p**** what are you into?

  • Anything goes, I'm 60 and f***** hundreds of men but always open to new suggestions

  • Oh I would so love to come visit you then; I'm sure I could get your juices flowing freely,suck and w*** that hard c*** for you until you buck n shudder then rub my big c*** up n down that sensitive s***** until you are begging for a f***;where abouts are you based ?

  • I would like that, nothing better than a good licking and f******. I have 38dd saggy t***

  • Mmmm I'd love to eat a mature p**** like yours! Is your p**** hairy, trimmed, shaven? Would you let me lick your a****** too before I f***** you?

  • Is p**** shaved for me?

  • It's hairy at the moment but you could shave my juicy c*** for me, then lick my c*** and a*** as I sucking your c*** and swallow your s****. Later we can f***

  • Mmmm, I'll start by eating your hairy c***, after you've c** once I'll f*** your hairy whole and c** off all over it. Then I'll trim your hair short before shaving you smooth. I'll go down on you again, you'll be extra sensitive by now, my tongue all over your c***, p**** lips and arsehole as I f*** your mouth in 69. Then later, ride me with my d*** in your a*** so I can see your shaven c*** and f*** it with a vibrator so we get double pleasure.

  • That's so good f****** her deep in her arsehole and watching that p**** open up as you do so; grab hold of her erect clitty as you do so between two fingers and tug it hard as f*** until it c*** for you;then come out of her arsehole quickly and get your teeth into that clitty,bring it back to the boil then get your big c*** back up her bum; she will go absolutely bonkers then s**** right up her bum and keep it going until you go soft

  • Who are you, I'm the saggy t** S***. You sound experienced I'm dealing with mature women like me. Are you married and is this what you do to your wife

  • I'm very experienced;some years ago I worked as a male escort for women,mainly for dinner dates and theartre etc and quickly built up a clientele for "afters" so gained lots of knowledge about what the mature and frustrated married women were longing for; and yes I do these kind of things with my current lady plus watching her as she indulged in her secret pastime which is s** with young and extremely hung guys;she at 52 very petite and tiny but firm t*** has recently got into the a*** side so have witnessed her going right over the edge now;she took on 10" quite recently and after struggling then succeeding in taking it all the way in her p**** she begged for an a*** f***;huge amount of whimpering and squealing occurred with real tears running freely down her cheeks;an awesome sight to behold as I watched him inch it in that puckered hole as she wriggled away backing on for more;she did not take all 10" of it but near enough and cried out for him to shoot off up her bum;he did and a huge c** it was too;it is now her preferred way to finish most sexual encounters now including with me,then have her clitty sucked,chewed and bitten hard as she bucks and shudders to a huge climax;I'm sure you to would enjoy this ultimate way of o***** and fun😙😚

  • Yes yes yes

  • Oh I do so want to c** and f*** both your hairy p**** and bum;then shave your p**** bald and eat it,no devour it,chew those lips hard and bite down on that hood that covers your c***,I love to w*** them between my clenched teeth as you writhe away under me,I bet you will c** like a train as I chew it hard won't you? Just as you lose it I'll ram a finger right up your bum and tip you right over the edge mmmmmm

  • Dudley West Midlands

  • Do you want to swap pictures first and take it further from there? I am on the East Kent coast,very fit muscular body;good looking guy;ex Royal Marines and still in very very good shape; email me if you like at I'm waiting to hear from you real soon

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