C** becoming my only turn on

Im finding I can't enjoy s** unless my bf c*** all over me. He's not the type of guy who enjoys doing this as he's quite vanila and treats me too nicely at times.

Is it wrong of me to want to experience being with someone else who can provide that for me?

Dani (27 Leeds U.K.)

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  • This is one of my favourite things. It started by accident, I was sucking my husband's c***, he was about to C** and his c*** popped out of my mouth and my face and t*** got covered in s****. I have large t***, so lifted them and licked all his lovely s**** of my t***.
    He watched and got hard again and f***** me really hard.
    That was 25yrs ago but a few years ago he only had a small C**, he is 60 so only dribbles s****. He knows me well and on a night out he told me to pick-up some one and have a f***, I was shocked but excited and thought how is a 55yr old woman going to pick up a stranger. We went to a pub, I went in and hubby followed a few man's later, I got a drink and went to the owing area and very quickly a bloke about 30 began chatting me up as hubby watched. After a few drinks I was in the back of his car sucking him off, finishing by Wanking his s**** onto my t***. Hubby had watched and I went back to our car and he kissed me and rubbed the other man's s**** into my t***. We now do this ever couple of weeks and also let them f*** me. I have a wonder husband who cares about my needs

  • I'm 62 my wife 52 and about twice a year she will "have" a young hung guy in a hotel room as I watch,never do it anywhere we are known tho;best times are on holidays or trips away;she likes body builder types so we usually go to amateur shows and she will hit on one or two after the show that she may fancy;she never gets refused unless it's a gay guy and she can usually spot them;on one trip to Barcelona she actually had two together on the rooftop bar at the Claris hotel;after the show we were all mingling there for photographs etc and the two guys were well flirting with her,we let them know what our plan of action was and they were well interested,she really enjoyed herself once everybody had turned in for the night,the rooftop had a swimming pool and sun loungers around it,she got double whammed by them on the loungers as I watched from just a few feet away sipping Krug champagne that was left over;two well fit smooth bodied guys giving her undivided attention for nearly two hours she adored it

  • It's one thing if he's inexperienced but willing to learn, and another if he's sexually repressed. If you two can't sync sexually now it will only go down hill once you're married.

  • Become a high-class escort, who charges a lot of money for men to do that to you!

    You might as well get paid for it. And without a doubt, they'll be plenty of men wanting to cater for those particular demands.

  • Eating my own c**

  • The OP wasn't referring to her partner - licking/eating his own s****. You've misunderstood.

  • Do a lot of men actually like that then? I wouldn't even know how to get into that sort of thing.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Yes. My partner e********* all over my body, all the time

  • Yes lots and lots of guys would be very very happy to please you in that way;it's such a turn on for a lot of us to be involved in some naughty forplay before indulging in full on intercourse and then pull out and shoot all over your p****,t*** and anywhere else that turns you on;one of my favs is after taking you doggy style to shoot it all over your puckered bum-hole and a*** cheeks

  • Why don't you leave your boyfriend who is clearly too sexually conservative for you, and find someone that matches you better?

  • Because our relationship isn't based on, s** alone. I didn't fall in love with him, because I wanted to f*** him. I fell in love with his personality, good nature and heart. Having s** with him, is just a bonus. Without it, we'd still be in love.

  • I think I will be soon.

  • Try escorting

  • Maybe pull him out and w*** him over you during s** and aim his d*** where you want the c**. Whenever I'm getting a b******, I pull out at the last minute, cover her face and then finish off in her mouth again. And I would say about half of s** ends up with me c****** all over her. The best night was when I tied her up, came all over her, left her tied up and repeated 5 times over 2-3hrs. I took pics and videos and she felt so slutty that I untied her and she rode me harder than ever!

  • I have tied my Mrs up only wrists and ankles tho,brought her off few times with her toys and my tongue,then left her there and went to the lounge had a vodka on ice then came back and did likewise again;this time teasing her puckered bum-hole as well;this tips her crazily over the edge and she Bucks and thrashes away madly as her climax hits home,this time I rubbed my hardness up and down her wet s***** hard and concentrated on her enlarged c***;she went into spasms so again I left the room for 10-15 minutes before returning,brought her right back to her peak with tongue and teeth pulling h****** her c*** and just before she came slipped my 7" inside her;she came in vicious spasms pleading to be released so she could f*** me;I refused and although really needing to c** myself I left her another 10 minutes,kept the ice from my drink in my mouth and went down on her again with ice cold tongue;this was too much and she tried desperately but to no avail to release her wrists and ankles from her bonds;I again entered her p**** and f***** hard and deep before pulling out as I exploded;covered her tiny t*** and face with s**** then pushed into her mouth to suck;she bit and chewed my purple glans head until I eventually went soft on her;again I left the room,another vodka went down and my erection returned so set about her again,this time I released her after two more minor climaxes from her and she then dominated me with the promise "now you'll be sorry b******" I wasn't sorry tho but b***** exhausted after she rode me to h*** and back was b***** marvellous tho

  • Nope, not wrong, i am someone whos not getting what i want at home so i get it from someone else

  • Correction;

    "No, it's not wrong. I’m someone whose not getting - what I want at home. So I get satisfaction elsewhere"

  • How have you gone about doing that?

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