Not enjoying s** without c**

I'm finding it hard to enjoy s** with my bf as he doesn't c** as much as I would like.

It's been a turn on me for ages, but he has always treated me too nicely in ways and our s** is very vanilla.

Is it wrong of me wanting to be with someone who treats me a little rougher and who would c** all over me?

Dani (27 / Leeds)

Feb 6, 2017

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  • If you leave him for a man that will shoot his load all over you and that is why you left the man you have now for the new man you will never find happiness. Sorry to tell you relationships based on sexual desires are always short term or end up ruining a person for a long term wishing they had left earlier. Don't let your sexual desires control your life because once it takes over and it can it may be exciting at first but it will turn h***.

  • Agree! So maybe she should ask hubby to let her play with rougher guys!

  • Have my new found freedom now :)

  • Have you told him what you like or what excites you. Maybe ask him what his fantasy is and tell him yours and see if he is willing.

  • Hi Dani, I live in Leeds and I'm willing to meet up with you. I am very dominant in the bedroom, and would make sure I covered you in my c**. If you're still in need of satisfaction, let me know

  • ....

  • I'm the same, I go to a swingers club and f*** a lot of men, sometimes couples. It's safe and great fun. I'm 30 and Chubby and was surprised how many men want to f*** me and w*** over me, it's wonderful to be f***** and wanked over at the same time

  • I certainly agree with that plus it's so naughty to be one that's watching it happen and more importantly that the girl/lady is enjoying all she gets;the look on my Mrs face tells it all to me as she indulged in her wild antics with young men with very large c****;I still find it amazing what she can take as she's only 5'2" and a size 8, tiny t*** and lovely n tight where it counts; 52 years old now but still as h**** as h*** and can ride some of the biggest c*** around; I have witnessed her taking 8-9+once a 10" very thick c*** all the way to the hilt as she rode on top;and to boot took him up her bum too although not all 10" went home there but most of it as she whimpered and squealed in total delight

  • When I married my husband, he was to much of a gentleman and I liked s** rough but was unsure how to bring out the beast in him. He is a big strong rugby player, who doesn't normally drink but he went out on an end of season party and had a lot to drink. He came home and f***** the he'll out of me. The next morning he apologised and I just said i have wanted that for 5yrs, I love the beast and ever since he just takes me any way he wants. Yes day morning I was making breakfast, he came up behind me lifted my dressing gown and f***** me over the work top, I finish breakfast with his s**** running down my legs. He is now 60and I'm 55 the passion and desire is still there after 30yrs. Thank God he got p*****

  • Not wrong at all;we all have our naughty side,I love watching my Mrs take nice big young c*** and she loves to take it hard and rough sometimes too

  • Have you tried telling him or during the act saying c** on my t*** (or whatever)?

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