The Only Way I Can Be Turned on During S**

Ever since I can remember, I have had a weird fantasy involving forced s**. I don't know what sparked this, but I vividly remember my 12 year old self writing in my diary wishing that I could be "raped" randomly by anyone, at any time. Now I am completely aware that rape is horrible, and in no way should be romanticized, I wish so much that I didn't have this strong fantasy. It interferes with my s** life. I'm too ashamed to tell anyone this fantasy, not even my current boyfriend. When we have s**, I need to close my eyes and pretend that it is all happening against my will. I don't know how to tell my boyfriend this, I don't know how he would react. However, it is such a strong fantasy of mine and I wish we could role play it out.

Feb 9, 2017

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  • As far back as I can remember, I've wanted to be kidnapped, molested and raped. I wished it was legal and normal. Every time I learned of a girl getting abducted, raped or molested I felt green with envy. Growing up most of my close girl friends claimed they had been molested or worse. Since none of them reported it I believed that they secretly enjoyed it. I felt totally gypped that no-one ever picked me as their victim. Of what I learned about preventing rape I'd do the opposite.

    I had some close calls. All of those close calls were stopped by others who watched out for me. I was always too embarrassed to admit I was looking for it to really happen. At 15 I saw a guy slip something into a girl friend's drink at a party. I could have made a scene, but I was VERY jealous of her and very turned on! I peeked as much as I dared at what the boys were doing to her. I craved to be their next victim. From that time on I desperately craved my own gang rape.

    When she asked me about it later, I told her the whole truth and hoped she'd understand and forgive me and our guy friends. She did and we are still friends! For me, what finally worked, was years of being an easy tease. I'd let them strip me, go down on me all they wanted but I'd only do a tiny bit myself. I was always just hoping to find that "REAL MAN" that wouldn't take 'No' for an answer before I'd give my V up.

    Well when it finally happened I wasn't ready for it and I was mad. I broke up with him and threatened to call the cops about what he did if he tried to get us back together. It took a while for me to realize that I had just finally gotten what I had been wanting. Less than a year after it happened I wanted to take him back and have it happen again and again. I finally had my real man. By then he was in jail for something else.

    That was a VERY long time ago and we never got back together. It is still my longest and darkest fantasy. Let me tell you that roleplaying with lovers DO NOT scratch that itch!

  • Nothing wrong with you unless you really were sexually assaulted or touched; if not then don't worry. I use to hate a*** and then we did it and it felt like he was forcing me and it was a turn on. It is just one of the several things that turns you on. Ask him to give it to you rough and skip talking to him about rape.

  • I had the same fantasy and told my husband. One Friday evening he went to the pub, about an hour later a man came in through the back door, dressed in a boiler suite and balaclava, he grabbed me ripped my clothes off and f***** me, then forced his c*** in my mouth. I thought it was my husband role playing but I got a text from him asking if I had enjoyed my visitor.
    This now happens every month and I do not know who is f****** me. The last one was black, my first black c*** was very enjoyable. Then hubby comes home and f**** me

  • A fantasy, is just a fantasy. It could be carried out in sexual role play, that way you know you're in control and planned it, It's not actually real.

    But girl, I can't help but think, you're wishing it upon yourself. Be careful shat you wish for. Sometimes the things a person wishes for/desires may come true, but it may not be what you expected.

  • I have a f buddy who was raped as a young woman. She is healed now but loves it when we play out this scene.

  • You could play this out with a willing partner safely;if you are worried about using the R word then work around it by use of different detail like:-) how about you tie me up by my ankles and wrists face down on the bed;gag and blindfold me with soft silk scarfs;then leave me a few minutes before sneaking back in and silently "take me rough from behind" no kissing or sweet talking just take me hard;shoot off in me and then leave me face down panting;I'm sure this will leave you somewhat satisfied and your partner can come back in to untie you a while later; if after this you still need more then there are sites you can go on and book yourself in to visit a place where you pay to fulfil your fantasies,I myself some years back performed similar for frustrated females on a visiting scene, would turn up at their place or a hotel and see to their personal fantasy i.e. Spanking,whips,hog tie,blindfolded and gagged sexual acts and just about anything goes apart from scat stuff,I had a whole big briefcase full of all sorts of toys to satisfy their wanton needs,had husbands watching at times or listening from the other side of the door,never had any complaints in my time doing this,am sure there are plenty out there offering similar to girls like yourself as sometimes is best that it's your secret so as not to worry your guy so have a look or email me for any advice at happy to help in any way

  • My wife was raped when she was 15 then became emotionless regarding s**. Very submissive she had 15 guys then met me when she was 20

    Been together 13 years. Took 8 years to make her o*****. She said no man could. Until I started degrading her and calling her a s*** and go very forceful will her

    She melted away and now is a fully submissive s*** I f*** her when ever I want even when she tries to resisit I take her from behind and pound her hard while I either grab her throat or cover her mouth and tell her to shut up and take it like a good girl

    Now she comes every time. She's head of the parent teacher and you would think she's the most innocent respectable citizen. Which she is until she's gagging on my c*** with tears running down. Oh and she yearns for it all the time now.

    If I try to make love she smacks me as a queue to unleash the beast

  • I have a f buddy who was raped as a young woman. She got therapy and got healed. But now she loves to play out rape scenarios. It's pretty hot.

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