My brother is buying me a d****

So I've known this dude for over 10 years and from our first years 'til now we've always had a big brother, little sister relationship. Lately I've been conflicted about my commitment to the familial aspects... I find myself seeing him not as the boy I followed around and looked up to as a kid but as a very grown, very fine, very not related to me man. Yesterday he texted me letting me know that he would be in town next month and that he thought we should link up to smoke and catch up, I was non-committal seeing as I'm pursuing a career that doesn't allow for certain recreational activities but later in the conversation I reminded him that he owed me a Christmas gift and that I would not be accepting it as a birthday gift his response was: "duhh I'm getting you a d****." With this not being the first time him saying this (the first being during an INCREDIBLY awkward conversation about my nonexistent s** life) I'm starting to have a really hard time suppressing an attraction that may have been lying dormant inside of me, mistaken by 7 year old me as childish admiration and longing for an older brother.... in other words I might want to f*** my brother and he's (unknowingly?) contributing to my sickness

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  • Tell your brother to man up and f*** you...jeez.

  • Is he your real brother? If so, then no it will change your relationship forever. If he isn't then maybe you two are meant for each other.

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