My step daughter

When I first met my step daughter she was 14. She never was interested in having me as a father, all of my attempts to bond she rebuffed. I gave up and let her go her own way. Well 3 years later I finally figured out why.

Turns out she was sexually attracted to me from the start but didn't want to reveal her feelings. I first noticed she would avoid me, but only if we were alone. Then caught her spying on me in the shower, changing and even masturbating.

I have to admit that she is attractive but never thought in a million years she would want to f*** me. But I started developing sexual feelings for her knowing she has the hots for me. Now she is 18, I can't stop thinking about f****** her and c****** inside of her.

Then one day I was masturbating fantasizing about f****** her and c****** inside her. Just 30 seconds after I e********* I heard a noise inside my room like the door. Turns out she heard me masturbating As she was listening in and heard me saying her name and saying "I'm going to come inside you".

Two weeks later she found the right time we were alone in the house. She walked inside my room after she showered with nothing but a robe on. She closed the door and dropped her robe. Exposing her little perky 32b b****** with nice big brown nipples and a trimmed bush. She uttered the words I'm yours. I looked at her layed her down and ate her tight virgin filipina p**** like a 5 star buffet. I showed her how to give head, she sucked me off. When she was ready I plunged my stiff hard c*** inside her. She winced as my c*** went deeper and deeper. After a few minutes she was telling me to f*** her faster, to which I obliged. She was moaning for me to c** inside her like she knew I wanted. With the excitement and the thrill I released what appeared to be a lot of s**** inside her, thrusting deeper as each pulse of my seed came out. This was my second time ever finishing inside a woman and all my life I've been careful no pregnancy yet, but the scary thought of knocking her up vanished just before I came. Maybe its because of my age at 38, maybe its because she was conceived by my wife's affair, maybe its because I'm attracted to her more than my wife, maybe its the male desire to have the younger version, maybe its a combination of everything.

I told the wife about the daughters behavior a while back and she did nothing about it and acted non chalant about it. Now she seems to be wanting s** more. Its almost as if the wife and daughter are competing for my c***, or the wife knows the daughter won't be treated like garbage by some random dude that will knock her up and leave her on the sidewalk. But any case the wife is more concerned about me f****** some chick at work or random chick then her daughter. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be in this position. I'm now getting s** from mother and daughter.


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  • Every guys dream...

  • I was laying at the foot of my bed with a sheet on me, watching my wife play on the computer. Like 2 feet away. My stepdaughter comes in and sets on the end pushing me back. Then she says im cold and lays down with me and covers up. She beens her right knee and starts rubbing on me. So i put my hand between her legs and rub. Then finger her. Then i pull my p**** out and put it in her the best i can. Just getting the head in. I start humping slow and easy. Great o*****. She gets up. Shes9.

  • Paedophilic behaviour isn't acceptable on this website!!! You're a freak of nature, I hope you don't have children - I feel sick thinking about what you'd do to them, if you did!!!!

  • Hahaha!! Who the f*** are you to decide what's "acceptable on this website"?! Get over yourself!

  • Be with one or the other. The little girl deserves to grow old with someone not look beside her and already see an old man.

  • She's not 9, but 18. There's nothing little, about this girl!!

  • Course she is. No guy wants to be wasting his g******* life f***** a 18 year old p**** when he could be enjoying himself pounding a 9 year old. 9 year old a*** s** is better too.

  • U should have a threesome mom daughter and u

  • Wishful thinking

  • Need to suck son's d i c k now to have a complete family

  • Idiot! Suck your own

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