H*** outta Dodge

I want so badly to leave. Just to pick up & go, no looking back. I have two young sons, and they are the loves of my life, and I don't want to leave them, I wouldn't trade them for anything, I'd die for them...but at the same time I wish I weren't tied down. I feel like an awful mother for that. I never thought that I'd be single again, with 2 children, before 30. I never thought I'd want to travel, want to see things, want to just get out of this black hole I live in. There's no medium; there's nothing I can do. There's absolutely nowhere I can go. I need a change, but all I have is the hole I'm slipping further into.

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  • ^ Too true!

    OP, maybe you should have thought of all those things before you started dropping puppies.

  • "i wouldn't trade my kids for anything, I'd die for them, but I just don't want to have to actually RAISE them. I think I'd rather go to the movies if I feel like it. And maybe TRAVEL and SEE THINGS. I hear Vegas is really beautiful this time of year."

    Maybe you should TRAVEL to children's services, and see what they think of your little hole that you're slipping into. Then your kids can just PICK UP & GO to a foster home, no looking back.

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