S** with step daughter

I confess I had s** with my 18 year step daughter. She was the one that first showed interest in me. But I soon got feelings. She gets me so h**** with her long legs and firm ass. She already overheard me masturbating calling out her name fantasizing about c****** inside her.

One day she walked in my room after her shower. Dropped her robe and we consummated those feelings. I took my time because I know she is a virgin. I slowly plunged my p**** inside her. I was thrusting and thinking to myself, I never thought I would be doing this. After about 5 minutes I knew I was about to c**. 7 years of unprotected s** with no birth control has gotten no pregnancy. Being 38 I been having the urge to procreate. So not caring about the aftermath, I released 5 days worth of s**** inside her. She wanted my seed as she overheard my fantasy. I thrusted deeper as each pulse of s**** came out, her moaning to keep c******. And just like that her tight filipina p**** was a virgin no more and was dripping my c**.

We know how regular s** and I suspect the wife knows but hasn't said anything as I previously told her about the daughters advances and she did nothing. When we are with everyone we act business as usual. But we f*** every chance we are alone. My c*** constantly has dried p**** juice on it, and I rarely go more than 36 hours without s** fro. The daughter or wife. Funny thing is we closer than ever. The wife no longer accuses me of f****** some random chick which was annoying as h***.


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  • I dont know why you have waited. Step daughters are ready for s** at age 11...ask any step father.

  • Last night i was watching tv my two girls and step daughter was sleeping on the floor. My stepdaughter was not sleeping but keep putting her butt in the air. She just had panties and gown on. She just keep sticking her butt up at me, so i ran my hand up between her legs. She laid there for a minute then get up with the sheet covering her and set beside me. I put my hand under the sheet. Then i put my hand in her panties and rubbed her c*** until she orgasmed. then she laid down. Shes 9 damn it..

  • So cool. Did you ever have that 9 year old p**** accept your c*** inside it, b**** deep? Or years before?

  • That's just wrong. Go with one or the other, but not both.

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