My husband caught me having s** with his brother now he forces

My husband caught me having s** with his brother because we were both very drunk. At first I denied it and thought that everything was ok, However, I was very much mistaken. "Buy her a drink and she will sleep with you!" Came the comment. Running out of the room in tear the terrible reality hit me.

In the car on the way home he told me that he saw me and I was going to suffer for it. " I'm sorry" I exclaimed yet this fell on deaf ears. "Are you going to divorce me?" I uttered between tears "nothing as simple" he stated slapping me " you want to sleep about. Then you will be a toy"

I fell silent stepping from the car I felt his hand grab my b****** pushing me to my knees. "Open your mouth" I looked up at him scared of what might happen. He slid his c*** into my mouth. "Suck it!"

He had never asked me to do anything like that before. I did as he ordered as he began to e******** in my mouth I pulled away only to feel him pulling my hair stopping me taking his c*** out i swallowed everything. He then dragged me into the house ordering me to strip to my knickers and stockings.

"I will sleep in the spare room" I uttered. "Will you h***" he shouted . Dragging me by my hair to our bedroom then throwing me on the bed "on you front" he screamed. I did as told hoping that he wouldn't hurt me and maybe he would fall asleep. I managed to kick of my shoes as my husband tied my ankles then grabbed my arms tieing my wrists behind my back.

I kicked and wriggled to get free but my husband laughted telling me now I would be his s** slave. As the weeks went on he did as promised by forcing me to have s** with any of his friends who came. Each night I would be bound and now gagged.


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  • I like getting my wife drunk and letting other guys f*** her.

  • I loved getting my wife drunk almost to the point of passing out, but not there. Then my brothers would double team her, or if we had other male company, I would strip her, f*** her, then tell him, "your turn"

  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on bigtime! So do big b****. I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore!

  • Girls who like drinking, and especially girls who like to get drunk, are super-sexy! I love drinking. Drunk s** is awesome too!

  • So you actually came out the winner. You banged his brother, to punish you he put his s** drive in over drive aggressively having s** with you and getting freaky tying you up and he let you enjoy the c*cks of all his friends.

  • Fake but so hot

  • Fake

  • Are you secretly enjoying the attention and forbidden s** tho? Face down,tied and blindfolded and never knowing what c*** is coming mmmmm reading between the lines I think this is what you've always wanted or needed,I bet secretly you have the most intense o****** ever as those big strangers c**** penetrate your defences and bring you sheer unadulterated joy;has any of them pierced your bum yet and taken your a*** virginity?

  • Yes I am enjoying the unknown especially the helplessness. He has taken to getting me to be topless now. The bullying has stopped as long as I behave and I love it.

  • Have you had any real huge c*** yet that you have really struggled with? My Mrs started off with over 8" c**** from strangers and the biggest so far has been in excess of 10" and very very thick;she whimpered all the way but took it in the p**** but really struggled when he pierced her bum-hole with it,tears streamed down her cheeks but he continued pounding and eventually she was pushing her a*** backwards onto him for more,a big big squeal when he came and rammed the whole lot hard and deep in her,she is now on the hunt for a young guy with the ultimate 12" c*** to ride;so far not found one but the search continues,her trouble is only wants young,smooth and cut c***;I'm glad you are enjoying the attention and being somewhat forced to take strangers c****

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