H**** Pet Dog

So im a 15 year old Mexican/American female. 2 months ago my parents got a dog for me and my little sister. Me and my little sister allways wear nothing but a T-Shirt and no panties, when ever were at home. Our parents know about this and think its cute. I do it because when i wear no panties people can smell my v*****. About the dog, he likes the smell a little too much and allways tries to lick my b******* or p****. He would get just a few licks before i decide to stop him,but no im at the point where i just want to let him lick down there. My sister lets the dog lick her, and tells me that its like getting my face licked, but at a different parent of my body. I dont beleive that because it feels naughty and arousing when he licks down there. Not my face. Should i give my dog access to it when he wants?



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  • Would you avoid doing it if you weren't Mexican-American? No? Then why bring your race into the subject?

  • You should give him access when ever he wants to do whatever he wants to you . That's hot

  • Bounce on break it's back

  • DO IT

  • Add me on Snapchat plz. Andyc2104

  • No. Thats not right. Youre notsupposed to be sexually involved with animals

  • Try it and see if you like it. You're not the first.

  • Sounds hot xx

  • That's f****** gross and you probably some old ugly perv making s*** up. That's animal abuse and you should die and go to h***.

  • Add me on Snapchat if I can watch I'm 16 and a guy. SC- "Onetalkplease"

  • Yeah go ahead. And record it

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