My husband wants me to have s** with his best friend ?

My husband wants me to have s** with his best friend Eddie . My husbands best friend has been so depressed ever since his wife left him . Both my husband and I have been worried that he might do something really stupid . My husband said that i have s** with him that would get him out of his depression ? We had him over along with attractive eligible women for drinks a few times . But he is not interested . Both my husband and I have always known that Eddie has the hots for me . I have decided to have s** with Eddie . But how can i go about it without seaming like a complete s*** ? I really don't think that i should call him over when my husband is not home , And seduce him . I think that would more harm than good ? Any suggestions on how you think we should go about it ? Donna & John

Feb 15, 2017

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  • S** is definitely not the right answer in this case. He has the hots for you which probably means he is also emotionally attached to you ,especially now that he is divorced. Getting involve sexually can only end badly for all. Its going to create jealously among your husband and his friend because its not like this guy is going to want a one and done, he is going to want s** with you as much as he can get it. I can only see the down side on this one.

  • You looking to get divorced from your husband? Because that's exactly what will happen if you have s** with his friend. You already see that he has the hots for you and obviously you have the hots for him or else you'd be saying h*** no. If you do this, trust me, you marriage is over. I know from experience.

  • I wouldn't try to seduce him. He's depressed. If YOU want a piece of him, explain to him that you would be up for playing, in a non-committed sense, but that you still want him to find his own girl and live happily ever after. Also mention that you and your husband are worried about his mental state. Suggest that he see a therapist.

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