Wife paddles my butt

In a great and long marriage my wife needs to paddle my bare butt about twice a year--I got it coming in spades when it has to happen so no argument from me p-I totally deserve it I quick shower bend over hold my shins and she paddles me and it sure hurts Actually it is not embarrassing at all- its just got to be done--I could never in a million years have anyone else know--someone wrote that his mother in law sees him get spanked Wow--to each is own---it works fine for us but it would always have to be a secret---any other guys who get a spanking paddling need it to be just between the two f you???? curious1

Feb 15, 2017

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  • My wife just paddled me for trying to boss her around. Sometime ago I realized that most of our marriage I bossed her around to just get my way often being very inconsiderate of her feelings. I asked her to take over and punish me if I do it again with severe spankings. She did not disappoint on that front. She paddled me to make sure I know who is the boss and it's not me. She made her point for sure. I love her for it and had it coming

  • My wife tans my naked cheeks over her knee whenever she thinks I need it.

  • Yes I would love that

  • I have recently received punishment spankings by my wife. Every week (at least) am over her knee for a hairbrush and/or bathbrush spanking, followed by bending over and being swatted by various instruments, including a big wooden paddle. My butt is at least red and marked, and usually bruised, afterwards.

    I absolutely would not want anyone else to know this. If she had a relative like a sister or cousin who could be trusted to keep a secret I would be ok with her witnessing it. It would add to the humiliation, which is an important part of punishment

  • I know a couple who have told their close friends and relatives that the wife spanks her husband. They keep a paddle and a cane hanging on the wall and their friends and relatives know what they are for. The wife's sister has seen her discipline her husband a few times. If he misbehaves while she is there, his wife makes him lower his pants and underpants and paddles or canes his bare bottom in front of her.

  • I was in a 12 year marriage where domestic disciple was regular, so yes although a lot more often

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