Sister in law ass s**

My sister in law and I were home alone again today and she is wearing really small shorts that make her ass hang out the bottom and you can see the whole thing when she bends over I was getting h**** so I went to the shower and got a full erection and put the towel on to were my d*** was sticking strait out so I'm waiting for her to walk up stairs until I Finnaly hear her walking up so I kind rush out of the bathroom and knock her over so I go to help her up and she's looking strait up at my d*** and brushed her hip agenst it as she was walking away so I go lay in my bed naked thinking about what just happend and 15 minutes later I hear a knock so I hurry and close my eyes like I'm sleeping then she walks in and is lightly talking to me as she gets louder with each sentence so I keep my eyes shut and feel her climb on me and my d*** got really warm and felt like it was gonna break so I kinda peek and she has my d*** slid up threw her little short and halfway inside her ass so as she's gently going up and down I grab her ass and tell her to go all the way down and she jumped up and started freaking out because I geuss she thought I would tell her sister my wife. So I stand up and pull her to me and fall back on the bed then we started making out and she Finnaly turned around and put my d*** back in her a****** but this time I made sure It went all the way in she screamed so loud and told me to c** inside her ass and I cam so much and she kept my d*** in her ass until I went completely soft again I really hope it wasn't a one time thing because I would love to do it again

Feb 18, 2017

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  • Yeah, right. I'm thinking these other commenters are right. I smell something fishy.

  • Well then divorce her sister and go with her. Life is short and if you care the least bit about your wife, then set her free so she won't waste what little years she has with a cheater. She deserves someone who loves her.

    Your sister-in-law is a loser who has no loyalty.

  • Bullshit my ass I will try something else tomarrow and record it this time and post the vid she's so f****** hot man it's unreal and the best part is she just turned 19

  • Still waiting for those videos.. still waiting.

  • Yep, still waiting!

  • Still waiting!!!!

  • Guess you were full of s***

  • Bullshit

  • Yep, Bullshit

  • I bet she loved your big c*** banging away in her big a***-hole man?

  • Yeah, dont stop fuking that w****

  • Trust me I will do everything I can to get her back on my c***

  • Trust you to come up with another Bullshit story to tell. You're probably a virgin who still lives in mommy and daddy's basement.

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