Neighbours dirty panties

Like many young men I love to sniff women's worn panties, my neighbour is divorced so i tend to pop in and help her out. She's about 40 with an 18yr old daughter, i love sniffing their dirty panties but ill have to stop in case i get caught! Her daughters smell the best, but the mam's are much stronger in scent, which i love. Pushing my nose into the gusset is electrifying and i get an instant b****, she must wear them for days with being so busy, so they are really strong, i love to lick them until i c**. Any women out there like this type of thing? Let me know xx

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  • Every night I would rush home to lick the crust out of my mum and sisters panties that were in the wash basket I was salty and if I was quick enough I would still be warn and wet. On some lucky days there would be s*** too

  • I sniff on the crotch area of any used panties I have hands on when visiting friend's or relative's home. If I like the smell chew on them and better if I have another one to m*********. I leave the c** soaked crotch there the owner to use later on. That turns me on!!!

  • My bisexual wife and I used to sniff our hair cutter's panties (she cut hair in her home). We would find a reason to go into her bathroom together and we would find a creamy/crusty pair of her sexy panties in her hamper and make out with them in our mouths. Sometimes I would steel a pair from here and there if I had access to them and we would smell and lick them as we had s**. One time as we were really in to it and wifey was getting close to c******, I told her that the panties were not our neighbor's as I had told her, but they were my sisters and she came harder than she ever did in her life.

  • I love when i get left alone with access to panties i always loved when my sister had friends over as a teenager as soon as i saw my moms car leave to take them to the beach i would go threw her friends bags and get those sweet pungent teen thongs and inhale the smell of p**** while i wrapped their bra around my d*** to j*** off.

  • My wife and her best friend went out to dinner one night and she came straight from work to our place with a change of clothes. She showered and got dress to go with my wife. Her change of clothes bag was left here. As soon as the left I went straight forger bag and searched furiously looking for the panties she wore the whole day at work. I found them and was so excited to have a look at the precious gusset. As I looked there it was the nectar of her love juice and her v***** discharge all white and still warm, the grool was sticky and wet. It was white cream on a black gusset. That's my favorite, touched her creamy sticky stains and couldn’t wait to get it to my nose and inhale the musky sweaty pee and white discharge combination. It was intoxicating. I sniffer it from the front of the panty all the way to the back where her a****** is. My tinge was in there in a flash and I was licking eating and scraping with my teeth all the creamy grool. I had the best w*** and used her panty around my c*** to stroke myself

  • Many pairs of my mother in laws ...momspantysniffer

  • I still sniff my mother inlaws dirty panties on a weekly basis email me lets trade pics and stories

  • That's hot

  • I've sniffed, sucked, and chewed on many a dirty pair of panties, as well as jacked off with and into many a bra while sniffing those panties! Lots of naughty fun!!
    Over the years, I've had fun with panties & bras from my Aunt, cousins, sister, several of my sister's friends, my wife, both of her sisters, and still can't get enough of that wonderful smell and flavor of sticky panties!!
    When I was younger, I let my Aunt "catch" me sniffing her panties while using one of her huge bras around my c*** to j******* with, hoping that this would get her h**** enough to at least let me eat her out, and I was right!!
    She got turned on like crazy, knowing what I was doing with her sticky panties, and even would save extra sticky pairs especially for me instead of washing them
    On laundry day...she just had one request... And that was that I return them to her when I was done with them, so she wouldn't have to constantly buy more... No problem, Auntie!!

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