F***** my stepmom

Once I was staying at my Dad’s house while shifting apartments. He happened to be away during that time. It was summer and the house had a pool so one Sunday I was sitting by the pool drinking a beer. My stepmom happened to walk in. “Pretty hot day...wait for me..lemme get changed!” A while later she walked in wearing a bikini. I noticed she had a belly button piercing and a tattoo by her right side! “You have a piercing and a tattoo...and Dad never told you to get rid of it?” I asked. She smiled, “Well he did initially but he’s okay with it now.” She looked pretty hot. She got a bottle of vodka and we started doing shots. After several shots I was pretty buzzed and accidentally told, “You got a hot piercing... mind if I check it out?” She was pretty buzzed too by then. She paused a little and then said, “Well...alright!” and came in front of me. I looked at her belly button and grabbed her waist and started exploring it with my tongue! She was patting me on the back of my head and laughing. Then I proceeded downwards and pulled down her bottom. I lifted one leg of hers and positioned it above my above my shoulder and dived her face into her p****. I started exploring her p**** with my tongue. By now her laughs had turned to moans. I went on eating her out until I saw she was pretty turned on. I stood up and carried her into the house and put her down on the couch. I pulled down my trunk and started drilling my tool into her. She was begging me to stop but I kept on f****** her anyways! After I finished, I went upstairs and took a shower. By then the effects of alcohol had begun to wear out and I was feeling a bit guilty. She didn’t talk to me for days after this. However we both agreed to keep it a secret and never tell anyone!

Feb 19, 2017

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  • Yeahhhh, you raped her

  • Mmhmm.... Another fine scenario of what could be perceived as sexual misconduct due to what could be perceived as demands for you to stop. With that premise as with so many other times a dame gets laid, there exists that "grey area" & precisely why this concept called "rape" is & will continue to fall by the wayside. Furthermore, it's why females realize that the concept itself is for the most part a dead issue. Society in general is finally acknowledging that the supreme majority of any Man's sexual assertiveness toward a woman or girl is profoundly forces of nature, beyond his control dictating the Man's behavior. That, coupled with a female's instinct to submit to a man's sexual advances clearly drowns a female's fabricated claims of resistance. Lawmakers have understood this for decades ; amending statutes with further requirements for even probable cause or why a man should even be questioned regarding what are mostly bogus claims from confused women. We have finally arrived at an era of transition regarding what defines sexual assault or even sexual misconduct from a Man towards a woman. Conclusively, most girls & women, aware that they reside in a Man's world, wisely don't even consider reporting or sharing any force or sexual aggression by a man upon them. They realize their instinct & ability to be enablers toward the act of coitus occurring. in other words, the process has completed the circle ; the women's movement & feminist sexism backfiring upon them yet again.

  • I'm going to tell your dad unless you tongue fu-ck my a-Ss hole and drill me with that huge co-ck

  • Mmm

  • Well i can do that

  • Lol..where you live? If its near maybe I can stop by!

  • Austin Tx

  • Thats near me im in San Antonio

  • If not can at least send emails WINK WINK

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