Confession S** Fantasies to Therapist about Therapist

As the hourly session drew to a close, I realized I had to finally confess. She sat in her chair about 6 feet from me as I sat with my legs open on the couch on a quiet Sunday, us being the only people in the building.

She was your average wife and mother who also had a career. She was naturally curvy with blonde hair and the sweetest ass I may have ever seen. Her voice was like honey after the sessions grew in time. I couldn't wait to get home to begin stroking to our encounter and knowing next week that she would get professionally dressed up for her one client on Sunday....... me. From her slowly putting her make-up on in the mirror, to adding the red lipstick, to sliding the cashmere sweater over her bra or sliding on the nylons under her skirt and heels. All for me her Sunday client, and it added to the tension if I though of her getting ready for me.

For weeks now I had been heavily masturbating about this erotic tension. I had already begun discussing my jerking off to the though of "this woman", (and that it might signal my psychological move away from my marriage at that time). I discussed how I wanted to go down on this woman and "lick her p****". I asked my therapist about her life and how she coped? Did she ever think about other people during s** (as I said I was doing in my relationship, but asking her specifically to see if she thought of other men). Yes, she said she does and it is natural, but also lamented her husband wasn't paying attention to her. I filed these little notes away in my erotic dreams.

Finally, I decided to come clean with the tension that had taken me over.
"I have something to tell you and I'm afraid it may mean ending my therapy here" I said.

She looked puzzled, and I continued after a second of pause. "I've been having sexual fantasies of you". She laughed softly and said "I bet you've enjoyed the last few weeks" perhaps figuring out I was talking about her.

"Have you ever thought of me erotically?" I asked.

"No, not once, never, not once." she quickly added. I sat with silence for a bit unsure how to respond now as I figured she would say this.

She looked at me and softly asked "What fantasies exactly are you having when you think about me"?
I could feel the bulge wanting to bust through if I lost focus and answered her question honestly. What could I say? Well I imagine having you spread your legs so I can pull down your panties and lick you? So I can bend you over and f*** you?

Instead I said in a clinical manner that I would just m********* to completion. "Completion? she asked. "O*****" I said, and sat quietly.

Finally she broke the silence and said "There is nothing wrong with having fantasies about me." She wanted to be clear, and then she broke into a small grin and looked away and said "In fact, I welcome it".

You can bet I went home and jerked off a load of c**, and looked up thesaurus words for "In Fact" which has words such as Absolutely or literally or in truth, or "Welcome" which has words such as desired, inviting , pleasurable. So I think she said "Absolutely, I desire it" :)

Feb 20, 2017

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  • When you are being neglected at home, it is stimulating to know that someone thinks you look nice.

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