My best friends ebony mum Sandy wears sexy lingerie I get her dirty panties out of the laundry basket and lick the crotch

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  • Hey, crotch sniffers! You do realize that a woman's p**** and her a****** are literally inches from one another? You're also sniffing and licking fecal matter when you do that! Stop sniffing old, musty panties and go put your face in the real thing!

  • Well thanks for telling us all something that we already know. We lick as much p**** as any other guy but love panties too. Nice to taste p**** Juice and feacal matter as you put it from friends and family. I like to lick girls ass holes clean too, and I do often, so what's the difference. None!

  • Same here first time I came was with the crotch of my mother's panties to my nose her p ussy smelled so nice I just had to taste her I get so hard...momspantysniffer

  • Great to hear. I've been sniffing and sucking out P ussy juice from worn panties for years and still do. My wife's, sister in law's, my sister's, my niece's, neighbour's, niece's daughter's, family friends and their daughters. Stolen so many pairs over the years, it's amazing.
    Just knowing that I've tasted and swallowed the c unt juice and probably some of their c um, drives me crazy.
    Always good to shoot my load into clean panties when I get the chance, providing I know I can put them back neatly. Knowing thier naked lips and slits are soaking up my c um is mind blowing.

  • Very sexy..try wearing them and c****** in them..then suck out your c** as well as their exotic scents..very very sexy marin

  • I do wear them and lick my c um off of them...momspantysniffer

  • When I was prob 10 i started by finding my aunt's panties they smelled so good i would rub em all over my d*** til it would c** it felt so good

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